Brandy and NateNate and I  had had enough!

I owned my own salon and was chasing six kiddos around.

Yep! I said six.. 17 all the way to a 1 year old.

My husband Nathan was working full time in the coal mining industry, also running a pest control business his grandfather started and hauling crude oil on the weekends.

We were so tired of working and never seeing our kids, not to mention one another.

We were making great money but it was never enough.. linear income wasn’t cutting it for us.

We knew that if something didn’t change Nate was going to kill over dead.

family pic 2015

Insert that call none of us ever wanted to get.  Network Marketing.

I was polite (because it was my mother in-law and she was standing in my doorway). I honestly didn’t understand the industry at all.

I was ignorant like a lot of people.

However, when we sat down and really took a look at what was being taught, we knew this was our ticket to freedom.

I had been looking for a way of creating residual income and I found it.

I was so excited, in our first 12 hours we had our initial investment back.

In our first 6 months we made and extra twenty thousand dollars.

Things were going so well we thought we would be at the top of the company in a few short years,  boy we were dead wrong.

My  business fell apart, everyone we had enrolled quit except one personal.

I wasn’t able to duplicate what we were doing.

I went back to the beginning and started over.

Even my sponsor quit!

I had told everyone in my whole town what we were doing and there was no way I was giving up I am not a quitter!.. I may be a bit bull headed. Ha Ha!

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I continued to build old school, prospecting everyone that moved and throwing whatever we could at the wall hoping someone would stick.

We created a small team that were active and growing.

I began to dig, read books, listening to audios, search online, learning from people that had what I wanted.

Guess what?

I discovered Attraction Marketing!

What a concept right?

If you create value in the market people will come to you.

Our business doubled in  few months and it is started growing rapidly.

We still build  business traditionally, however adding online, having people actively seek us out lets us enjoy more freedom with our kids and creates the speed necessary to create personal momentum.

DSCF1123Owning your own home business will never be a open the box and all of a sudden you are successful.

I don’t think any business is.

What I can tell you from our experience is that success loves speed.

It is possible to create a thriving home business in a small amount of time, as long as you are willing to invest in yourself.

Training, hard work and following a mentor who is already successful.

No one can predict your results, only you can be in charge of your destiny.

I look forward to being a part of your journey, big or small in any way.

Sharing with you what has worked for us through training on my blog and inside the products I recommend as well.

My advice is Dive In!

Commit and Don’t look back.

I wish you all the success we have found in this industry and more.




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