July 28

3 Easy Ways to Get More Retail Customers Without Being a Salesy Weirdo

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3 Easy ways to get more retail customers without being a salesy weirdo

3 Easy Ways to Get More Retail Customers Without Being a Salesy Weirdo

Hello from Utah. We are talking about the three ways you can get more customers without being a salesy weirdo. I'm excited about today's topic because a lot of what I teach is based around getting business builders and this is kind of a new focus for me, inside of my business, is growing the product side as well. So I'm excited to share with you.

1. Demo Your Product

So number one, the problem is that when we post on social media or we are using social media, a lot of times we're not taught how to get customers without being a salesy weirdo. 

And you know what I mean by salesy weirdo, right? Let me know in the comments, because it is definitely something that you've probably run into. And if you know anyone that is, maybe, I don't know, posting on their newsfeed, right? Or on social media about their products, about, you know, "join me now" and "join me I need to make the next rank" or whatever, it kind of comes off wrong. 

And this is kind of where a lot of my PTSD comes from when it comes to building product customers or customers inside of my business with my team is that I don't want to come off as a salesy weirdo. I want to be somebody that offers value. 

And so what I figured out in my testing and observing of other people that are doing really well, building out their customer base on social media, there's a couple of things that you can do and I want to share with you. 

So I'm excited about it today. So number one is you can demo your product

Now, when I say demo your product, I mean like a quick live video on your product and not talking about what the product is or where it comes from or how much it costs or any of that stuff, but actually talking about what the product does, the benefits of the product. 

And maybe just even showing what it does, for instance, we have a prebiotic that we have in my company. And one of the things that I've done is a quick gif inside of my stories, stirring the prebiotic. And I say right on there, "do you help your gut with a prebiotic?" And then you have a poll! 

So in stories it's a lot more non sellsy, especially when you are layering in with other things. And we're going to talk about that here in a second. 

So demoing your product, and I actually saw that one of my teammates did a demo on a prebiotic and she did it as a live video on her newsfeed, and it was not salesy at all because she's not sharing the product names, she's not sharing the company. 

And she also was educating on actually what a prebiotic does. So that's a clue for you in demos, is to educate. To educate! And we don't have to say, you know what, "buy my product" or "get some below" or anything like that. Right? 

People understand that if you're educating and you've built the knowledge, and trust with them, that if they are interested in that, or maybe they're looking to make a change in their health, that they will get a hold of her. So demoing your product, in stories, in your newsfeed, just don't make it "buy my product now". More educational, maybe a little bit more fun, that kind of thing.

2. Testimonials

Number two. And this one, I actually have been testing and I love this way of doing it, is using testimonials of other people.

Now, when I say testimonials, they have to be FTC compliant. You want to make sure that you are not talking about any sort of disease, any sort of prescriptions, anything like that, right? 

Your product, if it comes from a company where you build teams and you move products, you have to make sure that you're compliant. So if you don't have training on that, let me know. 

I guess I could do a training on that to teach you that as well, but just know that using testimonials are powerful. Remember, stories sell or, facts that tell stories, sell. Okay. So that's what you want to remember now. 

Just make sure that the story is compliant. We don't want to be talking about our disease that we had. And then we took these products and now we're cured, right? That's not compliant. 

You want to make sure that you understand how to build a testimonial. So testimonies of other people, ding ding ding, because you're not talking about yourself, you're using other people's stories.

3. Using Your Own Story

The last one, the third way to get more customers inside of your business and buying your products is using your own story. 

And again, this is going to be where it's something that you are going to have to stay FTC compliant. It's definitely something that you are going to have to either learn or modify based on the new rules. 

And if you need more on that, you can actually search my page. You can search my page on Facebook for it, just search FTC compliance and it will pull up for you. He's called my virtual upline - Heilig. That's his name. So you can go check out the live that he did on it. It's incredible.

So those are the three ways, demoing, testimonials and using your own story and just make sure that if it feels weird when you're doing it, like building it out and you feel like this kind of feels salesy, pull it back and think it through a little bit more. Okay. 

Because you don't want to come off as salesy. 

Now, the other thing, and I promised I'd share this with you because you want to layer in this stuff, not just every day about your testimonials, everyday about your stories, everyday about demoing, you want to layer in your entire brand. 

So this could be inspiration. This could be lifestyle. This could be education. This could be motivation, right? You want to pick your buckets of value that you're going to share with people. 

And you know, maybe some hobbies in there as well. Right? Get well-rounded with what you're sharing on your social media, because people want to see who you are, not just about your products. 

Now, if you're with health and wellness and you have a product that, let's say, drops the fact you know, you could demo that, but then also you could do your own before and after pictures, you could also tell a story about somebody that had used that product and gotten huge results. 

And of course, you're not going to want to just call it the name of the product, you're going to want to do it a little bit different. So, we have a fat burner in our company and we renamed it as 'Drop the Jiggle'. 

So you want to rename it so that somebody can't go to Google and find what it is and order it for someone else.

So I hope this gave you value. If it did, smash whatever button is in front of you. Like, heart, let me know. You can also send me an email. I'd love that as well. 

Connect with me on social media. And let me know if today was valuable because it's important that I share with you, things that help you build your business. So I appreciate you being here and we will see you next time on the next episode. 


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