June 30

3 Secret Places You Can Find Qualified Prospects Organically On Social Media

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3 Secret Places You Can Find Qualified Prospects Organically On Social Media

3 Secret Places You Can Find Qualified Prospects Organically On Social Media

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Hey, welcome to today's episode. Today we are talking about the three secret places that you can find prospects, qualified prospects organically on social media.

I am super excited that you are here. My name is Brandy Shaver, and I'm coming to you from Utah, in a tiny little town where myself and my family reside, and what I do is teach people, entrepreneurs, and business owners, how to grow their business using social media, leveraging automation online.

So this is going to be an exciting topic because when most people get started, they don't necessarily have big budgets to do a lot of leverage and automation.

But there are ways that you can grow your qualified prospects, grow all those things, all those leads, all those people that you want to be talking to and get them qualified before you're jumping on calls and and vetting them for your products and opportunity.

So today's going to be awesome and to help a lot people, if you are joining me, welcome, welcome, excited that you are here.

So the problem is most people, when they go to find qualified prospects, they actually go to the wrong places and they don't understand who their perfect prospect is.

So if you are an entrepreneur and you are building teams and moving products, there are certain people that are better prospects for you than others.

I know, I know I'm probably going to hear this from some of you, is that "everyone is a prospect for my product and my opportunity".

And I'm going to say that is absolutely not true.

Now here is the thing. When I walk across the street and I want to share with my neighbor, my amazing opportunity, first off, she's not looking for an opportunity.

Second off. She makes really great money and loves what she does.

And third, she's not looking for anything like what I do. Okay. She's already happy with what she's doing!

So I would argue that not everyone is a prospect for your business or your opportunity.

So where can you find qualified prospects...people that are already, let's say predisposed to taking a look at what you're doing and and, or buying products?

All right. So first off, if you haven't figured that out, ask yourself some questions.

You can actually search you know, online as well. You can search Brandy Sher Shaver, and I've done blogs and videos and all kinds of things on how you find your perfect prospect, how you figure out who your perfect prospect is.

So this is the next step.

Now that you've figured that out, if you haven't go back, figure that out first and then come back and listen to this.

So the three secret places...

Use Your Friend List to Your Advantage

Number one, if you are friends with some perfect prospects that are already in your social media, go to their friends first and kind of look at their friends and start there.

Now the reason is because people like us, entrepreneurs, people that may be your qualified prospects, they flock together. Okay. They are people that come together.

So go find one perfect prospect on your social media you know, places and go search out their friends.

Now, I would say to you, number one, when you do that, when you are looking at friends of friends, you want to make sure that that friend of the friend is in a country where you can recruit them.

They are somebody that you want to work with, or they are a perfect prospect for your product.

Okay. So have some rules.

Don't just go friending, everyone. All right.

That's totally not what you want to do. It's going to cause way more work for you down the line when you have to clean out all these people that are not your perfect prospects. Okay?

So the first one is friends of friends. Okay?

Search out Gurus in Your Field

Now, most people don't think of this stuff. They just think their perfect qualified prospect is hiding somewhere.

But friends of friends is where I would start and use those rules that I just gave you.

Number two, you can search out gurus.

So in the search bar, inside of social media, you can search out gurus that your perfect prospect is following already.

Okay. So already they have a pattern that is known by social media.

So you can go search that it Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, you can actually go search gurus and you can see kind of who's, who's following them.

Now again, use your rules before you start just friending people!

Because you don't want a bunch of people that you can't recruit, you can't sell product to, or you know, that you really just don't really want to work with.

So gurus is the second thing that you're going to want to take a look at.

Find Groups where your Perfect Qualified
Prospects are Already Hanging Out

The third one is actually my favorite.

You're going to go search out groups where your perfect prospects hang out.

Now, if it is entrepreneurial, if you are building teams, if that's your perfect prospect you're looking for right now, I would go find the groups where your perfect qualified prospect hangs out.

If it's for product, let's say you're with a health and wellness company, go search out some health and wellness groups where you can connect with people and have conversation and friend them and build out your profile.

I started on Facebook.

So I would start there on my personal profile where you can add people inside of your personal profile that are your perfect prospects.

Now you're probably asking yourself, "okay Brandy, that's great. Now I figured out where I can find these three secret places. I can find my perfect prospects, but how do I get them to take a look at my product and my opportunity and to work with me?"

Well, that is a whole other life.

So there's going to be training on that as well, where you will be able to, you know, learn how to do some of that stuff.

Now, if you want more on groups, it's really, really cool because I actually am going to be teaching a course, per se, I guess I would call it a course on using your groups, using Facebook groups on social media to build your business.

And that is happening soon.

If you want the details to that, you're going to just grab the link down below, and it will take you to how you get that information.

So I hope you got a ton of value from today.

Thanks for popping in and listening to this episode. And we will see you on the next episode.

Have a great rest of your day.

Bye bye.

3 Secret Places You Can Find Qualified Prospects Organically On Social Media 1

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3 Secret Places You Can Find Qualified Prospects Organically On Social Media 2

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Brandy is a wife, mother of six, and a lead generation expert, as well as a network marketer. Her passion is helping others realize the power of building their business using the Internet, coaching others to believe in themselves, and to fight for their dreams.

Brandy Sher Shaver

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