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3 Strategies To Build Your Business Bigger Working Less Hours and Enjoying The Journey As You Go

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3 Strategies To Build Your Business Bigger Working Less Hours and Enjoying The Journey As You Go

3 Strategies To Build Your Business Bigger Working Less Hours and Enjoying The Journey As You Go

Have you ever thought...

"If I just do more, work more hours, talk to more people... 

Then my business will grow bigger and faster?"

This topic has been a huge struggle for me.

How do I build my business while enjoying the journey??

And not working until I fall down!

It's easy to think that if I just basically run myself into the ground doing the short term sacrifice for the long term gain that my business will build bigger and faster.

Have you ever felt that way?

I'm going to talk about three strategies that you can use to build your business bigger while working less hours plus enjoying the journey as you go... 

For those of you that have been in network marketing for any amount of time, maybe longer than 90 days to six months, you understand that you can get burnt out. 

That's what ends up happening if you work yourself ragged...

You get burnt out and you end up hating what you do. 

Careful how you run your business or you'll end up burned out

In fact, it's not even going to matter how much money you make if you do not like what you're doing...

Because you are going to hit burnout and you're going to be like, I am over it, I'm done... I can't do this anymore.

It won't matter how much money you're making if you get to this point.

So you want to put in a couple of things into your life...

And into your business that is going to help you build your business...

With less work, setting your own time building your business.

AND doing what you love!

AND enjoying the journey!

Number 1)  Stop multitasking!

This one was really hard for me because I was really proud to be a multitasker.

Are you a proud multitasker too? 

I know a lot of us women are great multitaskers and we're proud of it!

We're cooking dinner, we're on the phone, we're watching training, we're doing a team call and we're typing out something....

If you have been multitasking, please promise me that you are going to make a conscious effort to stop multitasking.

All at the same time!

Do you know what happens to our bodies when we multitask?

It actually puts dangerous chemicals into your body that create a safe place for the diseases and things that we don't want.

So we don't want to be multitasking.

If you have been multitasking, please promise me that you are going to make a conscious effort to stop multitasking.

I'm going to give you some tools that you're going to be able to use so that when you find yourself on a webinar, and then you're picking up your phone, and then the next thing you know you're writing something out that has nothing to do with the webinar!

I still have to work on this daily. But multitasking is a killer for burnout. It is so hard on you. So stop multitasking!

Now what do you do instead because there are so many things that have to get to get done in your business. 

It is overwhelming sometimes because there are so many things that need to get done...

And when you're overwhelmed... 

You end up not wanting to build your business

In fact, you end up not really wanting to do anything.

Except maybe binge watch Netflix? Have you ever been there before?

Sometimes I feel like It's too much...

Sometimes I do put it all away today and walk away...

And sometimes that's good for you!

So what I do to keep from feeling overwhelmed is I use a calendar system.

I use Google calendar and It's free!

It's right on your phone and you can take it everywhere you go.

The problem with paper calendar for me is I'm always forgetting it or I set it down with my phone. 

So I only have to think of one piece of equipment which is my phone.

I have to take it with me, it has everything in it and my schedule is right there.

Multitasking is overrated

Instead of multitasking you time block...

So what you do is get the calendar and start time blocking.

Let's say one of the things we need to get done is active prospecting... 

We need to get onto Facebook, we need to send a couple people messages, start building relationships, that kind of thing...

So what you do is actually put "active prospecting" into your calendar.

Say an hour or however long it takes you to talk to however many people that you've set up in your daily mode of operation.

For example If you have maybe from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM in the afternoon to work on your active prospecting...

You're going to go into your calendar and block that time out as active prospecting. 

So when that reminder pops up, instead of you multitasking...

You put everything down and you go into active prospecting mode.

Now what if you don't get finished?

Because this was the thing with me.

I was multitasking and I had all these things going on...

And I thought I was accomplishing so much, but in reality I really wasn't accomplishing much...

I just had all these projects going on...

Now, what I've found by using this strategy of time blocking is that I'm not multitasking anymore...

And I have more time in my day!

And I enjoy what I do more because I'm not stressed out... 

Can you believe that? I get more done!

My business has tripled, quadrupled actually in the last month just from using these strategies. 

And If you don't get finished with what you're doing, move it to a new time...

Either tomorrow or later in the day where you have another spot where you can time block.

Instead of trying to make dinner and prospecting and talking to people and on the phone, time block stuff out.

Number 2)  Put you and your family first.

Now I get it. You may not have a ton of time, but if you put you and your family first you're not going to burn out.

The people that love you...that are around you while you build this business...

They're still gonna love you and be around you while it's building and when it's built...

We don't want to give up what's most important while building our business because we all want them to be there to enjoy it once it's built.

Take care of the people that are around you.

Number 3) Evaluate

I take some time every day to evaluate my day.

I'll ask myself..., okay, what worked well today? 

Sometimes nothing worked. Honestly. Sometimes it's a flipping mess!

Have you ever had a flipping mess?

Or your whole day gets hijacked because something happens...

That's part of being a human being. Things are gonna happen to all of us that we didn't plan for or expect.

But you can evaluate your day... 

Ask yourself what worked well today?

Maybe what worked today is that I connected with three people...

Then ask yourself what else worked about today?

I sent out an email to my list, awesome!

What else? I did a Facebook Live today! Great! 

What else worked about today is I had a conversation with my son... 

You want to list out the things that are working in your business, your family, and for yourself. 

Make lists to run your network marketing business better

For example put three things on your list that worked well.

The next thing you want to do is you want to is ask yourself what didn't work today right?​

Well, what didn't work is I had a lunch date that ran too long.

I totally enjoyed myself at the lunch date, however, I didn't book enough time for it, so I felt a little rushed.

So that is something that I can change in the future to allow more time when I'm going out to a lunch date with my friends or my husband.

Then you want to ask yourself, what might I do differently? 

In the future I can just schedule more time for lunch dates...

Use these strategies to build your business bigger while working less.

Enjoying the journey is so important!

Because if you don't, you're going to burn out...

You'll end up quitting and you'll never going to get your dream life.

If you don't do these things it's like you're going to go on this roller coaster...

And everything is going to be really exciting for a second...

And then you're gonna be like, oh my gosh, this sucks!

Then you're gonna be like, oh, this is awesome...

And then you're gonna be like, oh my gosh, this sucks. Right?

Enjoy the journey!

You have a certain amount of time...

And a certain amount of people in your life.

Those need to be taken care of as well.

So set a daily mode of operation, and time block that into your schedule,

and then evaluate where you can improve and get better. 

And then slowly you'll improve in your business and it will grow!

I totally understand that it is challenging being a mother.

I have six kids and four of them are at home....

You've got to have dinner ready, laundry done, house cleaned and the list goes on...

So start to think of where those little pockets of time are in your day that you can totally focus on your business...

And also maybe delegate some of the stuff that needs to get done out...

That's what I've had to do is delegate some of that stuff out, but always keeping what's most important close. 

Now one of the things that is going to help work less and enjoy your life and business more PLUS help you build your business faster is to have a system that brings you qualified prospects on autopilot. 

If that sounds like something you want to learn more about it you can do that by clicking on the box below to get instant access. 

Talk soon, 

XO- Brandy


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