June 23

The 3Ps You Need to Get Success In Your Home Business

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The 3 Ps You Need To Get Success In Your Home Business

The 3Ps You Need to Get Success In Your Home Business

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​Hey, welcome to today's episode​ about how to get success in your home business.

I'm excited to be here.

My name is Brandy ​Shaver and what I do is teach business owners, home entrepreneurs, people that build teams and move products, how to build their businesses using social media and creating leverage. 

So if this is your first time joining me, let me know, give yourself a ​pat on the back.

I'm excited to be able to share this with you today.

We're talking about the three P's to get success in your business.

And these three P's are really, really, really important for you to understand what they are.

​So I started building success in my home business about six years ago.

I'm going on my seventh year, this year, in my current company.

And when I first started, I felt like I kind of was like running my business in sand.

I felt like I was just, I don't know, not moving very quickly, even though I was working through my warm market.

I didn't know how to build it online at the time, but here's the thing, all of that effort and all of those things that I did leading up to now is now contributing to my success.

​So I wanted to share with you the three P's that are super important that you can implement into your own business and be aware of so that you don't quit before you start seeing that success.

The first P to get success in your home business...Purpose

Okay. So the first P is your purpose.

So your purpose is one of the most important pieces of your entire business, because if you don't have a purpose (the reason or the what and why you build your business), then you are not going to stick with it.

And how many of you have started something in the past, maybe a diet, maybe, you know, a new routine, maybe whatever and your purpose wasn't really that strong?

So what you found yourself doing was not too long into the whole entire new thing is that you just kind of give up because your purpose wasn't solidified.

All right. It wasn't set in stone.

Well, here's the thing.

There is a reason that people, when they first get started in this industry, that they want you to start with your why or your purpose.

Now your purpose is more of like your, what or the reason that you're doing something.

For instance, my reason when I first started was to give my husband choices that he didn't have to work four different jobs and that we could create some time freedom to spend it together.

That was my main purpose. T

hat was my driving force behind it.

So figure out your purpose.

That's one of the main things.

Now, your purpose is going to change and morph.

It's just going to change depending on where you're at inside of your business, inside of your family, inside of your relationship.

My purpose, hasn't really changed for the sake of my husband having those choices.

But my purpose is so much bigger.

Now my purpose is to impact so many more people than I can just impact in my own small little team or my own small little town.

My purpose is to elevate the industry and to share with people on how they can create leverage and automation using social media, building their businesses online.

So that's my purpose now.

So your purpose is going to morph and change.

So that's the first P the second P is persistence.

Want success in your home business, be Persistent!

Okay. Now, right now I have a bunch of team members in my team that have maybe been around, you know, three to six months. 

They kind of have hit that stage, you know, when I started telling you this story, they have kind of hit that stage, where they feel like they're kind of running in quicksand.

They're not really going, or their team isn't growing as fast as they want it to grow.

They're not seeing the results, but here is the thing inside this industry, you divorce the results and you marry the process

And if you can continue to do that and be persistent, you will make it to your goal.

Especially if you learn skill sets to teach you how you can build online and create leverage with people that you know, come to you, your perfect prospects coming to you, and I'll drop a link down below for those of you that need more information on how to do that, how to bring your perfect prospects to you so that you're not being a "spammy Tammy" or spending hours and hours and hours and hours a day, sending messages, or, you know, in chats or whatever.

So that you can create that leverage and automation in your own business.

Nobody said this would be easy

So the last one is probably the hardest, and I actually just had this conversation with my mentor yesterday.


So I am way better at the persistent piece, way better at the persistent piece than I am at the patience piece.

I want it right now.

I want it yesterday.

And I'm sure that many of you that are reading have definitely felt that way before as well.

And so being patient inside the industry, I know that there are quotes out there that say, "Hey, you know, in this industry, it takes about three years to replace your income and five years to walk away".

Here's the reality of that?

When your looking for success in your home business, if you're not growing it, it will get to a point, especially in certain teams, especially if you have certain systems and certain companies, it will get to a point where it kind of is its own monster, but if you are not growing it, and if you're not continuing to grow it, it's going to stay stagnant or go backwards.

So I don't buy into that, you know, it takes three years to replace a full time income and it takes five to walk away.

I think that we want to more focus on the impact and changing other people's lives and creating the leverage and freedom and automation in other people's lives so that they have choices.

So being patient is part of that.

And no joke, I just had this conversation with my mentor yesterday, like he said "Brandy right now I just want you to stay, you know, doing what you're doing."

We were talking about scaling my advertising budget and growing my business bigger.

He said, "right now we just need, we just need you to slow down for just a second, just a second and he said, just have some patience."

And I said, I don't own that skill.

I do not, I want it right now.

I want it yesterday.

And I'm willing to work for what I want.

So for those of you that are listening, that are the same way, you know, give a high five air high five because it's definitely something, but here, inside this industry, patience is one of your allies.

If you don't have patience, you're going to find yourself always in that, "It's not good enough" mindset.

It's going to Rob you of the joy of building and finding the joy in your journey as you're building your business.

And so it's important that we have patience to find success in your home business, and this is something I work on on a daily basis.

Patience is my hardest one out of the three piece.

So the three PS, again, our purpose, persistence, and patience.

Now I want to just let you know that if you are lacking any of these skills and or maybe you don't know what leverage and automation is, or you're curious again, I'm going to drop that link down below.

So that is it.

My friends, I appreciate you being on and I'm excited to see your success.

I hope you got value out of today.

And if you did, and you know someone else that needs to hear these messages, you can give it to them or smash that heart button or, you know, whatever it is that you feel necessary to share the love with others. Right?

So anyway, have a great rest of your day.

We'll see you next time on the next episode, and I appreciate you being here.

Bye bye.

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