June 17

4 Reasons You May Not Be As Successful As You Want To Be

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4 reasons you mat not be as successful as you want to be

4 Reasons You May Not Be As Successful As You Want To Be

Hey, welcome to today's episode. My name is Brandy shaver. For those of you that I am meeting for the first time, I'm excited to be able to share with you today. 

The four reasons that you may not be as successful as you want to be inside of your business. 

This was just something that popped up for me in the last couple of weeks. I had some team members reach out and they were asking questions. What it boils down to,that you may not be as successful as you want is, because….

Number One... 

You might be missing some skill sets. So everybody starts from the beginning, right? And we're not good until we're good. And we've got to start from the beginning. So there may be some skill sets you're missing. That could be a daily mode of operation. That could be lots and lots of different things, right? It just depends on where you start and where you're going.

Number Two...

This might sting just a little bit, but was something that I had to look at myself in the mirror when I decided to become successful. The truth of the matter was that I was not putting in the work that I needed to put in to build my business. 

Number Three...

You refuse to admit that you don't know the things that you don't know, which again is going back to this, learning the skillsets and becoming coachable.

A lot of people that I run into in this industry think that they know the right way or the wrong way, and there really is no right or wrong way of being an entrepreneur and building your business.

There's a way that works for you, and then there's the way that works for others. Being certain that you're right,and that you already know is a real quick way for you to not be successful. So my best advice there is to find somebody that is successful and is successful the way you want to be successful.

My example of that is there are lots of people that are successful in let's say network marketing, right?

There are lots of people that have built their business the old school way, right? Contacting their contacts and building a business that way, belly to belly. And that's awesome! 

There's lots of people that have built an online following and built their business on social media that are successful in network marketing. Then there's lots of people that have run ads, right? That have built network marketing businesses and that are successful. 

So there's a lot of ways to do things there's really no right or wrong. It's just staying coachable and figuring out what works for you. 

Number Four...

is that sometimes you're not aware of what's happening around you. This is one that I find a lot of entrepreneurs fall into, right? We begin to become so busy instead of doing the things that actually make you money or build your business. Those are going to be different for each person, depending on how you want to build your business.

Let's say you're doing it old school, if you're not contacting and showing people the presentation or getting customers, your business isn't growing. That's the same for online, except there's a lot more that goes into online than just contacting people, right? Then there's running ads, same thing, right? If you're not running the ads and putting the money into and knowing the marketing side behind that, how to get people to buy and join your team, then your team and your customer base is not growing. Your sales are not growing. 

So those are the four reasons that you may not be as successful in your business as you want to be.

There's really just a few things that can turn this around for you. 

Number one is get a daily mode of operation. That means knowing your key producing activities. 

Like what has to happen for you to grow your business? If you're in network marketing, if you're in coaching, your key producing activities are going to be you talking to people about your business, asking the question, growing an audience, and engaging with that audience in that way. It's going to be asking the question like, I really love to work with you, let's jump into zoom and see what that might look like.

You've got to ask for what you want.

You can't just wait, sit in a pile of attraction marketing, which does work. That's not what I'm saying. It totally works, but you definitely have to eventually promote. If people don't know you're building a network marketing business or a coaching business, and you never asked them to join you, they don't know you want to work with them. Right? 

The other thing is customers, right? If you're not building a business or you're not getting enough customers or your customer volume is down, ask yourself, are you posting, are you following up with those people? Are you doing the things that need to get done? 

So it really just boils down to:

What do YOU want?

How do YOU want to get there?

and then DOING IT!

I hope this is helpful. If you need more on how to build your business online or more help with growing using social media influence marketing, grab the link below.

So have a great rest of your day and we'll talk to you next time.


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About the Author

Brandy is a wife, mother of six, and a lead generation expert, as well as a network marketer. Her passion is helping others realize the power of building their business using the Internet, coaching others to believe in themselves, and to fight for their dreams.

Brandy Sher Shaver

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