August 4

4 Types of Videos You Can Use to Get More Customers Right Now

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4 types of Videos you can use to get more customers right now

4 Types of Videos You Can Use to Get More Customers Right Now

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Hey there. Have you ever wondered what videos for home business to use to grow your product base, your customer base?

I'm excited about today's episode because I am going to share with you the four types of videos you can use to grow your customer base. 

So first off the number one thing, when you go to promote your products on social media is that you want to come across as someone who has an authority.

Not someone that's trying to sell your stuff. So you don't want to be that salesy weirdo. You want to come from a different place.

And I'm going to share with you these videos, these four types of videos that you can do, and then how you can also get the social retail enrollment blueprint to learn exactly how to do this.

1. Introducing The Shift

So the first video is introducing the shift. Now, usually when someone gets involved with a company that has team members or moves product, they will have you, your upline or any upline that builds online will have you do some kind of unboxing. 

So the first video for home business is introducing the shift and you're going to be talking about your story and kind of what you are looking forward to. Sharing your heart, sharing what you're excited about sharing about this product. Okay.

Now you're not going to talk about the name of the product or the company, you're going to share your journey. And the easiest way I know how to explain this is my company has a weight management product and my team and I did what we called 'drop the jiggle' challenge.

And we just did it for our team, we didn't actually do it for everyone. We just did it for our team because we wanted to test it and see how it would do.

So in my stories and inside of my social media presence, I was sharing my journey. And when I did that, I actually shared my before and afters........or my befores, I guess I didn't have afterwards. I hadn't done the after yet.

So introducing the shift that I was looking for, the shift of what I was planning. This is the before, and this is what I'm going to be doing. Check it out. Right? Watch my journey.

You're inviting them along with you on a journey. That's what introducing the shift video is for. Okay.


Now, again, if you want more details on how to do this, it's obviously really hard for me to teach you this in just a short video, but you can get more by grabbing the button or wherever the link is here with this video.

2. Curiosity Demonstration

So the second video that you can do is a curiosity demonstration video. Now the best way to explain this is that you can use a curiosity demonstration video, it can be super short, it can be like a boomerang.

I've done one before of a product in our company that my team calls 'drop the jiggle', and it's like a video of swallowing the pills, the caplets that are 'drop the jiggle'.

You can use your product in the demo. Just don't let them in on the name of it or where they get it because they can go get it.

Our natural shopping habits now at this point is just to go to Amazon. It's super easy. It's shipped to your door, so you don't want to give them the fuel to find out or the answers to go find out how they get it somewhere else. Okay.

So make sure your curiosity demonstration video doesn't reveal the product name or the company or how they get it other than through you.

3. Product Centered Value Training

Now the third one is a product centered value training

This is where maybe you would be talking on how to support joint pain or whatever, right? Like how to support different systems in the body with one of your products.

And you can go through the education piece of it. So product centered value training, and you could talk about the benefits and all of those things. It's really, really fun to do these two as a group.

If you have like a group where you are putting all of your prospects that are interested in looking at your products, you could do some of these product centered value based trainings inside of those groups, they are super powerful.

You can also do them on your personal profile as well. I find that I love doing a lot more in my group because they've already raised their hand and said, Hey, I want to know more about biohacking or I want to know more about health and wellness.

4. Interview Training

The fourth video for home business is interview and interview training. So that's when you bring an expert on that, maybe knows more about certain topics, to share with your followers.

And it instantly makes them the authority. It also makes you look like you are really excited about sharing more value with your followers because you're bringing these experts in and people that hang out with experts, guess what other people think, that they are now an authority as well!

So when you bring in someone else it's the same thing in traditional network marketing. When you go over to talk to your best friend about enrolling in your team and you bring your upline, and all of a sudden that upline is like the elevated authority, that's how this works as well.

So interview training, you can talk about many things, many different things on these videos, but these are the four types of videos that you can use to grow your customer base.

And I'm going to drop that link down below, or it might even be up in the title of this video where you can go ahead and get the social retail enrollment method and learn how to use these videos inside of your business.

It's been a game changer for me, and I have totally loved mixing this in with what I'm doing, because you're around it as human beings, right? We use supplements. We are taking care of our bodies. We are, you know, exhausted from children, right?

So bring in all of the things, especially if you are wanting to get more retail customers or customers in general.

So I appreciate you being on, if you got value from today, super excited that you were here. Go ahead and let me know. And I am excited for you to use these four types of videos.

And like I said, if you need the details on how to do these, exactly how to do these, you're going to want to grab the links.

So we'll talk to you next time.

Bye. Bye.


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