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Attraction Marketing Success – What is Impostor Syndrome?

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Attraction marketing success imposter syndrome

Attraction Marketing Success – What is Impostor Syndrome?

Have you ever felt like an impostor in your own network marketing business?

What is impostor syndrome?

Let’s break this down…

  1. a person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others, especially for fraudulent gain
  1. a group of symptoms which consistently occur together, or a condition characterized by a set of associated symptoms.

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“Impostor Syndrome for a network marketer is feeling like you have to be someone or something you are not to get people to enroll in your team or buy a product you sell”

Have you ever felt that inauthentic feeling that hurts your soul, for instance… when you lie to your friends and family at the dinner party that your business is going so well…
[bctt tweet=”Have you ever felt that inauthentic feeling that hurts your soul, for instance… when you lie to your friends and family at the dinner party that your business is going so well…”]

BUT in reality, you are going in the hole and can’t get anyone to even take a look at working with you?

That is Impostor Syndrome.

To have a successful network marketing business using online strategies there are certain things you will want to do in a certain order to create the success you are looking for.

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Attraction Marketing Success – What is Impostor Syndrome? 1

One of those certain things to do, is to create valuable content to share with your perfect prospects to build the know like and trust factor with them.

Creating a following of people that are loyal and will follow you anywhere, even enroll into your  network marketing team.

Now, here is where this Impostor Syndrome becomes a problem.

When you first get started in Network Marketing you are new and being new you might not have the skills that it takes to be successful in the industry, unless you have learned them somewhere a long the lines in your life in other things you have been a part of.

and this is what usually starts running through your head as you begin to build your business online or even in the traditional way…

Who wants to listen to me?

Who am I to think that I can be successful?

I am not successful in network marketing, yet.

How am I suppose to share any value when…

I can’t even get my mother to enroll…

I am not techy…

I don’t know anyone…

I am not a top earner…

I am not an earner at all…

I don’t have a team…

I am not pretty, smart, tall, big enough…

You get the idea…

Have you ever felt any of this before?

Let’s be honest, ALL most everyone, at some point in their career of NWM is going to feel inadequate or not good enough. 

Even myself!

When I found this strategy of building online… I was so excited but I couldn’t even copy and paste…

My thoughts were… who am I to teach other people?

My business is going backwards, my recruits weren’t sticking around…

I was driving two and a half hours one way to prospect in malls, restaurants and to stalk stock waitresses.

I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for…

and I was going to teach other people how to build their network marketing businesses online? 

The thought at the time, was terrifying. 

BUT the thing I did not do, was let it stop me. 

And being open and upfront with people that I really had no idea how to do any of this, BUT I was gong to figure it out and show them how. 

I was infected with Impostor Syndrome, but it didn’t stop me. 

If you have any of the symptoms above then you have it too… 

It’s just a matter of getting you the cure so you can finally build the dream business you have been looking for. 

The Cure?

Well, Imagine for a second that you just got started online…

You have built your business page as a public figure.

You have started your likes campaign, to groups of people that are your perfect prospects. 

You do a live or a post on your page talking about 3 ways you are driving your perfect team mates away from joining you on your social media and what to do instead. (VALUE)

1-posting before and afters

2-talking about products and how everyone needs them all over social media

3- sending copy and paste messages to strangers about your amazing ground floor opportunity, and do they know anyone that wants to join you. 

Your call to action at the end of it is simple… 

PM me for details on how you can build your business on social media without driving potential team mates away.

Then a Stacy, from New Mexico that just happened along your likes campaign, opted in to follow you by clicking the like button. 

Stacy sees your post. 

She is so excited because she hates doing all three of those things you talked about in your post and she wants a more professional way to build her business online, not to mention… she has gone through her warm market and people are now avoiding her and UN-following her. 

PLUS she got put in Facebook Jail for a few days for spamming people. 

Stacy follows the call to action and reaches out to you. 

You suggest that maybe you can help her with this new system you are using to build your business and to jump on a call. 

Stacy jumps on the call, and is SO thankful that you took the time to show her what is working for you. 

Now, during that call, Stacy asks you what company you are with.

AND you ask her…

Are you just curious or are you looking for a home?

Stacy says,” listen I am looking for a home.

I got involved with this company because my mother in law introduced me to it…

I like the products but she quit and I really want to be with a team that gets me and has a system to build online.” 

So you suggest to Stacy that maybe she would be a good fit to work with you and your team and to check out the information that you send over to her and to chat back in about 25 minutes. 

25 minutes later you connect back with Stacy and she is ready to enroll with the highest pack and wants to lock arms and go to work… 

NOW do you think that Stacy cared that you were a top earner yet? 

That you had made a million dollars in network marketing?

That you were too fat


red, blue, or purple? 


All Stacy cared about is that you jumped on a call with her wanting to serve her in the best way possible. 

That you took the time to serve her. 

Now, are you going to have Stacy enroll every time. 

UMMM I wish. 

But if you had a way that you could have 1000’s of Stacys showing up in your inbox a day would that grow your business faster? 

and when you do… what is that going to do for your skills and your confidence? 

When you stop focusing on yourself, and you help other people you will cure impostor syndrome!

When you find yourself starting to think, who am I to share x, Y, and z because…

I’m not famous…

I’m not making a million dollars a year…

or I’m not doing x, Y, and Z, I don’t care what it is…

and you  know more than the person reaching out does….

[bctt tweet=”When you stop focusing on yourself, and you help other people you will cure impostor syndrome!”]


There may be  a soccer mom down the street,  somebody that sees you across the world online, or maybe somebody that sees your page that has been praying for an answer to be able to build their business online or at all and you know more than they do… 

Instead of asking, who am I?

Ask your self this… If I don’t show up for this person, what may happen in their life? 

To their business? 

Start switching this around on how you can serve other human beings and your business will explode. 

Even if you have been in network marketing 10 days longer than the person that’s asking you a question, you know more than they do?

So, turn around and reach your hand down and pull somebody else up.

That’s servant mentality. 

AND that is the CURE!

Solve your impostor syndrome inside of you and inside of your business, by serving others.

Your confidence and your skills will grow, people will notice you are different, you will start to attract the right kind of people  and you will basically be able to print your own money.

Now, if you are just starting out and you’re looking for a way to bring prospects to you while you sleep, because that’s the best way to do it. Click here to grab your Free Video Series

If you got value from this post I would be so thankful if you would comment, like and share. 

Talk Soon, 

Brandy Shaver


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