December 6

Creating Your Social Media Eco System

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Creating Your Social Media Eco System 2

Creating Your Social Media Eco System

Hey, welcome to today's episode today!

We are talking about creating your social media ecosystem that is going to help you bring new people into your world, where you can either get new customers or start to grow a team. 

An ecosystem is where you grow your audience. You're going to engage with that audience and you're gonna promote to that audience. 

The first key to you building the know, like, and trust is to get your personal profiles congruent and they need you in your profile picture. So your profile photo needs to be of you, not you and your husband. Some people disagree with me on this, but when I go to somebody's page and it's like a boy or a girl name and I don't know which one you are.  I would just use a picture of you. It's kind of like a business card, a digital business card. So you want to start there, get all of it cleaned up. And if you've got any product, or your company name, all those things take that off because people have a preconception when they come to your page. If it says, “Hey, I work for  X way”, right? They're going to prejudge you. And they might even Google that and then lose them as a prospect. Because you didn't even know they were looking. So keep that company and those products a secret until somebody asks you to build value. 

Understanding who your perfect prospect is the next part. You've got to understand what it is they're looking for. So let's say you have a weight loss product, and you are now attracting people to you. You are now attracting people to you that are looking for a weight loss product and do a post about the benefits of your weight loss product. You're not gonna talk about the name. You're not gonna talk about the name, and much it is and all the things, right? You're gonna talk about the benefits and your story using the product. 

So creating your social media ecosystem starts with you getting congruent on all social media platforms. Now I recommend that you start with one,  it's hard to get one up and rolling, right? I guess not hard. It just takes some time. And so you don't need to necessarily be all over the place, but if you've got a LinkedIn profile and you've got a Facebook profile, or, Instagram or YouTube, use the same profile picture across all platforms.  So people know that it's you and use the same name. If you can possibly do that, grab your same names all over social media. If not, just do something similar. Create that professional look, right? So use your style, but use it across the board.

The next piece is engaging with that audience. So you have got to learn how to give more love to  people than you are getting. This means you are getting social in social media, right. That's kind of how it works. And it doesn't really matter which platform you're on. They're all a little bit different, but being social is probably the number one thing that drives the algorithm. Use live video everywhere that you can, right? It's the highest promoted material on social media. 

The last thing is to make sure that you are promoting yourself. Now, this isn't in every post, right? So you can create your content and get it up and rolling without you thinking about it too hard or overthinking it, like a lot of us do. Right. And creating that influence along the way. 

So if you have other questions about your social media ecosystem, it is a big elephant, right? And there's a lot that goes into it. Just know that you can learn it piece by piece. And if you need help, grab that link down below. We'll talk to you soon. Have a great rest of your day. See you.


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