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Four-Step Strategy to Get Customers and Team Members

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Four-Step Strategy to Get Customers and Team Members 2

Four-Step Strategy to Get Customers and Team Members

Hey and welcome.

My name is Brandy shaver. Today we are talking about a four-step strategy to get customers and teammates quickly.  I wanted to share this with you because one of the things that business owners really struggle with when they're trying to build teams and move products online is what do I do to actually get the sale right? Or get the teammate. So I'm going to share with you exactly what to do piece by piece. So you have no secrets going in.

Number One

You are going to post. Post about what your offering has done for you, something that relates to who you want to attract. For example, A quick post that I put together had 104 comments. 

Number Two

Connect. So once you've done your posts and you've got people commenting, you're going to go into messenger and you're going to connect. So she actually didn't ask her information. Right. She was supporting a post.  But I would actually take this person and I would add her into a funnel. Now, when somebody asks for information on your post, you're not just going to say, Hey, here's my link to order. Right?

You're going to say, Hey, Daphne, I noticed you commented on my posts. Are you looking to lose inches or are you more wanting to tone up? Like I'm loving this product. I've been using it for this amount of time. It's out of a company from Europe. Can I get you some more information? Okay. So you're going to basically gonna double qualify these people. We want to make sure they really want the information. 

So once they ask for information, this is where, if they say, yeah, I would love some more info. This is where you're going to send them more information. Which could be a quick video, or It could be more on the product, It could be a PDF. Just keep it short. Right? Don't bombard them with a bunch of information upfront. You want to get clear on what they're looking for.

Ask a question that makes sense. So that you can build that relationship with them and you really want to connect once they give you the go-ahead. Yes. I would love some information. You can send them the third-party tool and then you need to follow up. 

Number Three

You've got to follow up. You've got to give them time. And once you send the third party tool, you want to ask in messenger how soon can you take a look at this? So I know when to get back to you, right? You don't want to be chasing people. You want to check back with people and if you get no responsive cause that's going to happen, people get busy.

In fact, this happened to me recently. I opened a message from a gentleman that wanted to enroll in my team and I opened it while I was in a place where I couldn't answer. And then I totally spaced it off. So make sure that you have time to open these messages.

Number Four

You've got to close people, right? You can't be afraid to say, look, did you take a look at the video and would you like the link to grab the product? You've got to be upfront. They asked, they raised their hand, right. They raised their hand and they said, Hey, Brandy, I want more info on this product that you're taking. There's no reason that you need to shy away from saying, Hey, I noticed you took a look at, you know, or saw my post. Right. Can I get some more information on the, on the product and melt your muffin product? Yes. You send them a little bit more information. So I send a quick little video or a quick little snippet on the products. And then after that, I'm like, Hey, would you like the link to grab yourself some, and then we go from there and then you close them.

If they don't order. I actually say, Hey, I noticed you haven't placed your order. Did you have an issue? You want to just always ask questions and be a normal human.

That's the four-step process. Now, remember, that's the key to this, building relationships. And if you ask questions about them, there are, they are going to want to do business with you because you're interested in them.

You're interested in what's actually going to work for them. One other question that I use that's really good is what else have you tried that  maybe hasn't worked for you just in conversation, right? To kind of see what else they've purchased or if they have any questions about things. Sometimes people are really leery about getting a product they've never used. You can use, you know, your story about the product. You can use your company, and other people in your company stories about the product. 

So just be a human, treat people the way that you would want to be treated. And there's a lot of people looking for what you have. It's just a matter of getting that know, like, and trust and doing this four-step strategy to get customers and teammates. 

And on the teammate part, if you posted about maybe growing your team or you do a webinar about joining our team kind of thing. So it's the same thing. You've got to either post or get people to take a look right. Then you've got to connect and then you've got to follow up and then you've got to close. And it's just a matter of  working through it.

I hope you got value from today. Make sure you remember to post and connect. Don't just send your link, then follow up to close. 


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Brandy is a wife, mother of six, and a lead generation expert, as well as a network marketer. Her passion is helping others realize the power of building their business using the Internet, coaching others to believe in themselves, and to fight for their dreams.

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