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How to Attract and Recruit Leaders Into Your Team

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How to Attract and Recruit Leaders Into Your Team 7

How to Attract and Recruit Leaders Into Your Team

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Would you like to Attract and Recruit Strong Leaders into Your Team?

Are you tired of recruiting people into your team and then they disappear.  If you have been in network marketing or home business for very long you have experienced enrolling someone and then they go into witness protection.  🙂How to Attract and Recruit Leaders Into Your Team 9

If you are reading this then you are serious about your business growing.

Like me you are looking to find people to duplicate you without you having to babysit them or become a manager of your team. (which by the way SLOWS your business down)

IF You Do Not HAVE a TEAM click here to Get this Attraction Marketing Formula Book  it totally changed my business!

I got involved in my company three years ago. I enrolled after two weeks of follow up from the leader that was driving depth through her business. iphone 026

I enrolled and then three days later I made my initial investment back. Which means I went to work inviting and showing people the business.

That same week I attended a monthly event.

The month after that I was attending a yearly event that cost a significant amount of money and time away from my family. In my first three months, I enrolled 19 people. In my first year I made an extra 20 thousand dollars.

I am sure you are saying to yourself why is she telling me all of this? 

It is not to brag. In fact I missed the incentive trip by 6 people. SIX! ( I was really bummed)

Who do we want on our teams?

WE are looking for people like YOU and ME

How Do You Attract and Recruit MLM Leaders Into Your Team?

It isn’t talent, it isn’t motivation. It isn’t even intent.  Sometimes it’s timing and if you look at my situation I wasn’t looking to join a network marketing company.

In fact I had a lot of reservations about network marketing. I had tried it, done it all wrong and failed!

Network marketing was the last thing on my list of I wanna try that again. LOL!

How to Attract and Recruit Leaders Into Your Team 10

SO, Why do you think that I enrolled and became successful?

In my case it was TIMING!

We wanted our time back. I was fed up with both of us working and never seeing each other or our children. The time was right for us.

Everyone is a YES, It just depends on who asks and when.

A lot of times, the people that need your thing the most are the ones that just won’t do it. They’re just not willing to do it. They melt like wet toilet paper.

The truth is, you won’t know. You won’t know who is going to come into your team and actually become one of the big MLM leaders.

I have also found that the ones that tell you they are going to become one of your MLM leaders is pretty unlikely to do it, not sure why but talking about how big time you are going to be is usually the indicator that they will be exiting within a month. Ha! 

In the below video I share the three things you are looking for with every prospect and what to do to better increase your odds of converting someone into one of your MLM leaders

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Brandy is a wife, mother of six, and a lead generation expert, as well as a network marketer. Her passion is helping others realize the power of building their business using the Internet, coaching others to believe in themselves, and to fight for their dreams.

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