October 27

How to Dial in Your DMO

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How to Dial in Your DMO

How to Dial in Your DMO

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Hello and welcome to today's live. My name is Brandy Shaver, coming to you from Utah.

We are talking today about the DMO and you know what I mean? It's the DAILY MODE OF OPERATIONS, the grind, the things you need to do everyday to move your business forward.

And it seems that so many people struggle with this. And I think it's because they make it complicated almost.

So today we're going to talk about simplifying it down and really getting a bare bones, skeletal DMO, something that you can stick to.

Having a DMO is super important. This is where things happen in your business, and it's not sexy, It's not that much fun, but really getting clear on your daily mode of operation is important. 

Especially if you plan on hitting some serious goals in your business. Now, again, if you have not read the book, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, grab that book, check it out. It's really great book.

It's an easy read. It's interesting. The stories are really great in there. It's actually probably one of the only books that I've read more than once.

I'm usually not one that reads a lot of books over and over, but that one is one that I do.

1. Setting Your DMO

The number one thing we are going to chat about today is setting a skeletal DMO.

Now, there are a couple of things that happen in your business. One of them has to be talking to people.

So what do you think might be the first thing that has to be put on your daily mode of operation?

This would be connecting with people now. When you are setting this, if you have never chatted with, let's say 10 people in one day or added 10 friends in one day to your Facebook profile, and that scares the crap out of you. Start with your personal best.

Start with one that you will do. Okay. Now, if that's just one person, I just actually had this conversation with one of my team members. She's new to network marketing, new to building online, and she's a little bit frightened about connecting with 10 people a day and that's okay.

There aren't any rules here in you creating your daily mode of operation. The point is, is you will stick to the daily mode of operation. 

So if that is connecting with one person a day, instead of you having this big audacious goal of connecting with 10 people, and then by the time you get to the end of the month, you've connected with none because you feel overwhelmed about connecting with 10.

Let's just say you connect with one person a day. Not about your business, not saying what company you are, just friending a person and sending them a quick, "Hey, how are you? You know, I see you in XYZ group, or I loved your comment on X, Y, and Z or whatever.

I thought it'd be great to connect and be able to support each other in what we do" kind of thing, right?

If you've connected with one person a day, does that make more sense than hoping that you're going to do 10 and not doing any right? 

So really setting in the bare bones of what you can possibly do each day that you're going to stick to, and this is a commitment to yourself, right?

This isn't a commitment to me. I can't make you do your daily mode of operation. Sometimes I can't even make myself do my own daily mode of operation. So it's important to set it at bare bones.

2. My DMO Example

I'm going to give you an example of what mine is, just so that you have an example.

And then I want you to go and make out your own daily mode of operation. And I want you to actually come back and post it in here.

Now, the reason I do that is because when we set accountability for ourselves, it's not that I'm your boss and it's not that I'm going to come at you and be like, "Joanne, you know, you didn't do your daily mode of operation", right?

When you set the accountability, when you get another person involved, when you say, "I am going to connect with one person a day or 10 people a day", or however many you decide to do, you are more likely to do that because you told someone else, because it's outside of you, external to yourself.

And so you are more likely to make those results happen. 

So come back and comment on what your daily mode of operation is going to be, and here is mine. I connect with three people a day. This is bare bones. This is my daily mode of operation.

Bare bones has to get done. If life goes crazy, which it's going to, it's going to get more crazy as the holiday gets closer, you're going to want to stick to your bare bones daily mode of operation.

Now you can have another daily mode of operation that's on top of that, after the first daily mode of operation is finished. Okay.

These are things that have to get done in your business to move it forward.

Number one, I connect with three people a day. Number two, I send a message to my existing list. So an email, or you know, if you don't have an email list yet, that's okay.

Figure out a way to follow up with people, okay? Pick an amount of people. And then I do three lives a week. Now, if you've been on this page, you've probably noticed that I've been a huge slacker, right?

I have not been honoring my daily mode of operation, which those are the three things that moves my business forward every single day. If I do a live three times a week, if I connect with three people, and if I send out a follow-up message to my list.

Now, again, if you don't have a list, set a certain amount of followers that you can get with that week or that day, right?

3. Sticking To Your DMO

And then the key here is to stick to the daily mode of operation. Don't make it so big that you've got this big, old, long list.

I could show you my big, old, long list of things that need to get done, right? Those top three things they get done first. And then the rest of the work happens because those will move my business forward faster.

There's three things you need to be doing.

Number one, making sales today. How's that going to work? How are you going to get more people to you? That would be the friending, right?

Number two is figuring out a way how you can make money over and over and over again, which is a system there, right? It's where I started three years ago, building online and it is awesome.

And the third thing you need to do is to grow yourself every day. So you may want to add some personal development into that daily mode of operation.

And again, make it simple, 10 pages a day of a book, or listen to 15 minutes of personal development stuff that you need to be working on. And that's it keep it simple. Right.

And one of my favorite quotes from Mary Kay Ash is keep it simple, silly. I think she does say stupid, but it's not a word we allow in our house, so I better not be saying it online.

So I say, keep it simple. Silly. All right. So if you will get that daily mode of operation nailed down, and this happens now, right? Not after the Christmas holiday, not after the first of the year, we are not skipping December.

We're going to push just as hard as we would any other time because that's how your business gets built is by taking action every single day. And when you take days off, you lose the momentum of the growth of your business.

So have a fabulous rest of your day. Have a great one. Brandy xx.


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