June 28

How to get results faster and it is NOT by doing MORE

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How to get results faster and it is NOT by doing MORE 2

How to get results faster and it is NOT by doing MORE

Hey, welcome to today's episode. 

I am so excited to be able to share today's topic with you. 

We are going to talk about how to get results by doing less, right? 

And I'm going to give you a challenge at the end of this, but this actually came up because I had a team member message me this week, about how she's doing all the things. She's posting, she's doing your daily mode of operation. She's doing her key income producing activities. And she's just not getting the results that she wants to be seeing in her business. 

She's not getting anybody crossing the line to join her team or to buy her products. And here are a couple of reasons that this could be happening.

Number one 

is that she is not asking in messenger the right way or focusing on what that other person needs, right?

Like how she can help them. She's going straight for the sale. Like if somebody raises their hand and they say, Hey, I saw your story, right? I'm kind of intrigued by you losing 10 and a half pounds in nine days. Like, tell me a little bit more about that. 

And then she's just jumping in and being like, Hey, here's the link go order. And I've actually fallen into that. So let me know if you have done that as well. It's not very effective, right? People are like, whoa, she, you know, she didn't even really want to talk to me. She just sent me to buy. 

So number one, focus on what your person wants. And going back to the weight management product that I was talking about, you can use a similar example in any, in any product, right?

So I'm just going to use weight management because we started with weight management. So if, for instance, if I'd raised my hand and asked about that product, I would get into messenger with that gal. And I would be like, Hey, excited that you saw my story. Thanks for commenting. You know, um, I noticed that you wanted some more information on that. Can I get you some more information? And then you ask the question, right? And then underneath that, you're going to say, are you looking to drop inches? Or are you looking to just tone up or, you know, do you have some belly issues like me, you're going to dig deeper into that pain so that she knows you care about the reason she's reaching out. 

Okay. So remember a relationship first. But here is a challenge to you because this is something that keeps coming up in my team.

I teach them all the, how tos, all the things, all the doing, doing, doing, like, what should we be doing? But then we forget about what's going on in our heads. Because this is where the results really come from. 

And this is the challenge for you. 

So I hope that you're going to take the challenge. 

So for this week, I want you to this coming week. I want you to remember number one, when you look in the mirror everyday this week, look for who you are and not what the stories you are telling yourself. 

So look for who you are.

 And this is key because some of the stories you're telling yourself are garbage. And I want you to remember when something comes up, that's garbage in your mind. You're going to have to consciously work on this. And it's going to take you a while.And I'm going to tell you how this challenge went for me here in a second. But when something comes up, that's garbage. 

I want you to re like in your mind, think open, the garbage can put it in the garbage can and shut the lid. 

And I want you to keep doing that until you keep cleaning out the garbage that's coming up in your brain. 

Number two

Focus on what you love in yourself, not what you wish you were or that you were better at. Because we can get better at skill sets and all the things. But I want you to focus on what you love in yourself right now. 

We're all on a journey. We're all growing. We're all changing. You know, things are always changing, right? The only thing that is consistent is changed, but what do you love right now?

What are you grateful for about yourself right now?

Number three

 make it a point to focus on the possibility of your unique gifts and be careful to not be blinded by the fears, which keep you from these possibilities.

Number four

Lastly, look in the mirror and forgive yourself for the yesterdays. Forgive yourself for your past and get fully present with right now, because really it's all you have right today. That's all you have. 

Number five

Now take action to step into who you were born to be. And remember it's one step at a time and give yourself some grace. We're not Amazon. We're not Amazon prime. And ain't going to happen in two days. Your dreams take longer than two day shipping. Although I love Amazon and I wish that's how it worked. It's really not how it comes together.

Now, every time you see your reflection in a window, in a mirror when you're walking past a door that might have glass in it, 

remind yourself who you are, 

remind yourself, who you want to be and who you are.

The key to this, is you changing, but at the same time, you've got to be grateful for where you're at or you limit your growth. Does that make sense? 

So if that's the case, if you decide you want to accept this challenge, I want you to comment below and let me know. And remember that it is a one day at a time deal, but it's really, really, really impactful for your business. This is actually where you get most of the results. It's all going to be in your head.

Now, when I was given this challenge, this was actually given to me by my personal coach a few years ago. And I had to go, the goal was to go 24 hours without thinking a negative thought about myself or about others. 

So no judgment. It was 24 hours. I had to go straight 24 hours if I went 23 hours and you know, point half seconds or minutes. And I thought a negative thought I had to start over. You want to know how long this took me? Because this was really hard for me. Mine wasn't about judging others. Mine was about judging myself. And remember, perfection is the enemy of done. One of my incredible friends taught me that years ago. It took me three weeks to do this. So I'm hoping that you get this done faster.

So remember any negative thoughts, you've got to start over for 24 hours. 

And if you go 24 hours, you're going to open up so many things because you are creating a new habit of no more judgment. You're evaluating what's going on. You are moving forward and you're getting closer and closer to where you want to be in your business. 

I promise this works because I've done it and I've done it with my team members as well. So I hope you got value out of today. 

If you need more on how to build your social media, how to get results in your business, you can grab the link below.  

I appreciate you being here. If you have any questions, go ahead and let me know. We'll talk to you soon. 



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