June 2

How to Get Your Perfect Prospects Begging You to Get your Products and Join the Team

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How to Get Your Perfect Prospects Begging You to Get your Products and Join the Team

How to Get Your Perfect Prospects Begging You to Get your Products and Join the Team

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Hey, welcome to today's episode​ and we are talking about how to get your perfect prospects begging you to get your products or for them to be asking how they can get a hold of you and how to get in your team.

So one of the main things that network marketers miss that I notice (and I did the same thing) when building their business is taking the time to dial in their perfect prospects to figure out who they are. 

Now I get it when we were all new, cause I did this too, we fell into this problem and it's not hard to figure it out, but you're not taught how to figure it out from the beginning.

And so I wanted to share with you how to do that.​

​So when you don't have this dialed in, you're going to waste a ton of time and effort talking to the wrong kind of people and you're not going to be getting the results that you want.

And like I said, I have done this myself, so don't feel like I'm like giving you a spanking because we have all done it.

​The best example I know how to tell you that we've all done it is when we first get involved in our companies​ we want to share products and build a team in, we're told to go talk to those people that we know in our warm market. Right?

Well, here's the thing, and unless you're totally different from me and from a lot of my team members, my people that knew me, that know, like, and trust me, they're not really the entrepreneurial type.

In fact, I got thinking about this the other day and I'm going to tell you guys a little story about this, right? Because this is pretty funny!

Are you a black sheep? I am!

​I got thinking about this the other day and how, how I got started being an entrepreneur.

​There's really not any other entrepreneurs in my family.

I mean my grandfather runs a ranch, but he worked for the Rocky ​Mountain ​Power forever, Utah Power and ​Light forever and ever. He was a line men. My dad was a line men and my mom worked at the hospital. 

​I started thinking about this, how I am kind of the black sheep.

Have you guys ever felt like the black sheep?

So I felt I'm kind of a black sheep and I never really noticed, I think my head's just in the clouds as an entrepreneur.

​I just think differently.

I've always thought differently.

It wasn't tha​t I'm like raised any different because my brothers have jobs, right?

​They all are working, they always have, but they don't run their own businesses.

​I've ran my own business since I was 18 and so it really started making me think about how I'm different.

So here's the thing, bringing this back to how to get your perfect prospects begging you to get your products or to join your team.

We gotta be talking to the right people, right?

You've got to find black sheep like me that are different. Okay.

That don't necessarily want a job or that want something different. ​

It's kind of funny because it got me thinking​ about my situation, my family a little bit and all these things. It was just really funny to like put that together.

Bank Robbers and Horse Thieves...your perfect prospects​?

I'm like​ the weird man out and I didn't even realize it until I started thinking about this, like where does this entrepreneurial thing come from?

So I had a conversation with my mom and she said that, you know, entrepreneurship runs in our family, that my ancestors, some of my ancestors were bank robbers and horse thieves!

Right? Well that explains it.

I come from a long line of bank robbers and horse thieves and they are entrepreneurial.

Obviously they don't really have a boss, right?

They're just going to go do their thing.

So here's the thing, you're going to waste a ton of time talking to the wrong kind of people with little results. And so talking to people that aren't even interested in business really, because if you think about it, the best way I know how to bring this across to you is that we as entrepreneurs, sometimes we're trying to sell steak to vegetarians.

Like really?

Like if I walk across the street and I talk to my neighbor, (which I've already done) about joining my business or doing what I do, she thinks I'm insane, right?

​She's like, "I'm a vegetarian and here you're trying to hand me this prime rib roast", right?

Like it just doesn't go together.

So the thing is, you know, when you were talking to our friends and family about our businesses and you know, maybe ​Uncle Dave that drinks beer all weekend and gets a government check, (that's how he survives) he's not going to join your business, right?

​For some reason we think he's a great candidate and he's not, right?

So can you see how talking to the right kind of people are going to make a huge difference in your business? ​

So ​when I learned this, like this was one of the first things I learned when I came online you know, that I was talking to the wrong kind of people and who I really needed to be talking to were the black sheep like me, the weirdos, the strange people that want something different in their lives.

Homework time...don't run away!

And so here is what I want you to do. ​

So I'm going to give you some homework because if you can answer these three questions, it's going to make a huge difference, right?

You have got to answer these three questions to understand how to get your perfect prospects begging you for your product or opportunity or service.

That's, that's the bottom line.

You've got to answer these three questions​ and this is where I started. ​

I'm gonna give you these questions and then I'm going to tell you how you can get more in depth training on this. ​

So the three questions are number one​:

​What kind of people do you want to attract as your perfect prospects? ​

Now if you could ​have 400 people in this room, let's say right in my office and I've got 10 of them that are my perfect prospects. ​

  • So if I could choose, who would they be? 
  • What qualities do they need to be?
  • What qualities do they have?
  • Who are they?
  • How old are they?
  • What kind of people do I want to attract?

All right. Because here's the thing, this game of like trying to gather everyone, it's a waste of your time, a total waste of your time.

So stop doing it.

Number one question, what kind of people do I want to attract?

That's the first question I want you to take some time.

I want you to get out a notebook or a Evernote or whatever​ and I want you to type it out.

  • How old are they? 
  • Where do they live?
  • Do they have kids?
  • Do they have a job already?
  • ​Who are these people?
  • Who do I want to attract?

Okay. What kind of people? 

Number two, what are their biggest pains, problems and fears?

​​Guys, this is going to take a minute, right?

Like you're not just going to be like my person is, you know, maybe 30 to 45 and she wants to lose weight. She's got a muffin top or whatever, right?

Like, take some time, get detailed.

What are the biggest pains​, problems and fears? ​

One of the ones that really helps me is to ask myself what keeps my perfect prospect up at night? All right? ​

Number three, what are their biggest dreams and desires in life right now?

When you get these three questions dialed in and you start to ask questions or you post education and you're using these things ​that you've written down.

If you're talking to one person, like when I'm talking to like let's say I'm talking to Billy right now, right?

Like I am just like I'm talking to one of you. ​You want to talk to one person. ​

When you're talking to one person and the best way I know how to tell you about how big of an impact this will make, have you ever read a post or watched a video and they're like, "Holy crap, ​they're talking to me"? 

Like if you've ever done that, that person has done their job.

They've done their research.

  • What kind of people do I want to attract? 
  • What are the biggest pains, problems and fears?
  • What are the their biggest dreams and desires in life?

​You can do this around a product.

You can do this around a service.

You can do this around joining your team.

You can do this as network marketing as a whole.

All right?

So that should give you a pretty clear ​idea of who you're looking for and how to talk to them.

So every post you build from here on out is going to be meant for that person.

Who do you want to attract?

The Perfect Prospect
Designer Worksheet

​To make this whole process easier and to give you something to refer to as your business moves forward, I've created this Perfect Prospect Designer.

Click the image below to download it and remember to share it with your friends so they can benefit too!

Perfect Prospect Designer

​Further help is here for you

Now I know this is like a lot, right?

​Cause you guys are probably like​ "there's homework on a live, like Brandy, she never does that", but I'm really passionate about this.

Now if you want more training on how to do this, ​it's here for you

​​Here we give more in depth training ​on the Island and this is like a passion project of mine.

So if you're not in there like​ it is fun. Okay.

That's the number one rule is you have to have fun.

But we have a ton of fun in there.

And we​ train basically how we train our team and how to get results and how all of us together have collectively done way over you know, seven figures.

So it's a great place to be.

So anyway, grab the link get on the Island.

You're going to love it. It's a lot of fun.

And like I said, it's a passion project of mine, so grab it.

We'll see you next time.

And if you got a ton of value, go ahead and you can give this to someone else that might need to know this stuff.

Anyway, have a great rest of your day and we'll talk to you soon.

Bye. Bye.

Perfect Prospects - How to get them!

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About the Author

Brandy is a wife, mother of six, and a lead generation expert, as well as a network marketer. Her passion is helping others realize the power of building their business using the Internet, coaching others to believe in themselves, and to fight for their dreams.

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