December 30

How To Up Your Live Video ‘Game’ With Some Of My Favorite Hacks

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How To Up Your Live Video 'Game' With Some Of My Favorite Hacks

How To Up Your Live Video ‘Game’ With Some Of My Favorite Hacks

Hey, welcome to today's episode.

I'm super excited that you're here. My name is Brandy Shaver, and we are talking about 'How to up your live video 'game''.

Plus, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite hacks to get results using live video. 

So, there is so much to talk about when you come to the subject of Facebook live.

If you're like me though, first your thoughts when you go to go 'live' is you kind of want to vomit, right? Which you're not actually alone! The number one fear of most people is being on camera or being on stage and doing a 'live' is no different except you're exposed. 

And if you screw up, you can't edit it out. Right? So it kind of gives it that edge where you're like, "Ooh, this is even scarier than recording a video"

Well, don't go running for the hills just yet because the benefits of doing a 'live' for your business will far outweigh the fears eventually, but first you've got to get started. Right?

1. How To Get Started

So here's how I got introduced to live video. I was at a no excuses summit in San Diego where the leaders, that were totally crushing it online, got up on stage and told us that we needed to start doing live video.

This is when live video had just come out and I started sweating just thinking about it.

I came home and started practicing. I would hit the record button on my phone and I would try to deliver my content without dying. It took everything I had, even though nobody was watching them, these were not live videos, they were just me practicing doing video. 

In fact, I would delete them as soon as I watched them. And personally, I don't recommend this because now people are like, "Oh my gosh, you're so great in your online video"

Well, here's the thing, after you've done thousands and thousands and thousands of them, you kind of get good at doing it. Right. So don't delete them.

I recommend that you save them because people are going to say, "Oh my gosh, you're so good at this. Did you ever suck as bad as I did?" And you can send them your first video, which gives them hope that they someday will be as good as you.

So, here's the other thing about that is you don't want to be judging your videos of yourself. It's very rare that we love the sound of our voice. 

Or that we love how we look on camera or rewatching a video, just think about maybe home videos that you have of yourself that you're like, "Oh my gosh, I hate it when my family looks at those". Right? 

2. Evaluate

So those are just to evaluate and not judge. So when you evaluate a video, because at first you probably are going to be super nervous. And right now where I'm at in my journey, I'm kind of able to wing it. I plan out my content and I only need a couple of bullet points to get me through the entire thing.

But when you're brand new, you're super nervous. And sometimes you even forget what you're saying.

So, when you go to evaluate, first look at what worked, what didn't and what might I do differently instead of being super judgy about it. All right.

So it took me actually six months to really go 'live'. And I was terrible. My live videos were like two minutes long, if even that, and I was so nervous, like I said I would forget what I was saying.

So good thing nobody was watching them right!

Because when you're brand new, you don't have a ton of audience at first. So most of your live videos, when you first get started, nobody's even going to really see, they're really more about you getting used to it and you upping your game in your live video toolbox.

3. The Tech

And so it's just time for you to take a deep breath and we're going to break down the techie step for you so that you don't stress out about what you need.

So first off you only need your smartphone and a tripod.

Now, if you don't have a tripod, don't let this stop you. I once did a live video using my husband's ladder and just kind of put it all together so that it would sit there and work!

Also, when you use your phone, you're going to want to turn it horizontal.

You can do live video upright, and it's really great for mobile view, but if anybody watches your live video and you've done it this way, it will actually have black lines on the side, which really doesn't matter because most people are actually watching on mobile, but it's nice to have horizontal view and you can get more of you in the actual camera.

So the other thing is that you want to have your camera eye level. So you're going to feel kind of like you're looking up. It works best for connecting with people.

And if I was sitting up more like, you know, where I'm looking down on you, it's human nature to feel a little dis-trusting.

So you want to kind of have your camera if not eye level at maybe a little bit higher than you.

And as you look at the camera, don't look at yourself, look at the camera! Make sure your eyes are looking at the camera and not at the actual picture of yourself on the screen.

Because if you're not looking at the little teeny piece that's your camera, it'll look like you're looking off somewhere else.

And it really doesn't connect with the people on the other side.

4. The 'HOW'

So here's the 'how', because now we've talked about the tech, I want to go to the how, because a lot of people let this stop them, that they don't actually know how to go 'live'.

So you're going to go to your page and you're going to hit on the live button and add a title. 

You want to always have a title and description. Even if you go in and add it after, because a lot of your replay viewers are going to see your video later and they're not going to watch a video if there's no description or headline.

You can put something as simple as you know, 'How to up your 'live' video game, plus some of my favorite hacks to get results using them'. Right. It's super simple.

And you can do maybe a little bit of a description of what you talked about in the video. So add your headline and think about what's your 'live' about, and you want to think about the benefits to the person watching.

Why would they want to watch your 'live' and what is it going to teach them? Or what problem is it going to solve for them?

Now, for example, 'How to up your live video game and some of my favorite hacks to get results using them'. That's talking about the benefits for you

So think about the benefits of your audience and what your 'live' is about.

So hit the 'live' button and then actually go 'live' and remember to breathe. It always feels like if you take a pause, that the person on the other side is going to notice that you have taken a pause, but in your mind, it's just happening faster than it actually is.

So breathe. Get some bullet points and practice and go for it. All right.

5. How To Get Results

So here's the layout of the 'live' and these are kind of my hacks of how to get results using your 'lives'.

So, first off, you're going to want to welcome people, right? You're going to want to welcome them and intro and start with what they're going to learn or the benefit.

So you would say something like "What are the three things that you're doing to drive people away from your business instead of to it", right?

Secondly, introduce yourself, for example, "I'm Brandy Shaver coming to you from Utah". You don't have to talk about, you know, all the crazy things, whether you've made money, not made money, whatever, nobody really cares.

They just care what's in it for them.

So this is how it would go. "Welcome to today's live. I'm super excited that you're here. We're going to talk about 'What are the three things that you're doing that are actually driving people away from your business instead of to it'. My name is Brandy Shaver and what I do is help network marketers take their businesses online by teaching them how to build online the right way, using attraction marketing".

Okay. And you can do as simple as "My name's Brandy Shaver, I'm coming to you from Utah".

It doesn't have to be this elaborate thing. Don't overthink it. Just start doing it.

The third thing is you're going to engage. So when people pop into your video, you're going to want to comment on who they are, where are they coming in from?

If they're watching this on a replay, drop a replay, "I'll come back and say hello later" some of those things! You want to be engaging with some of your content.

Then number four is going into the content. So content, Point One, Point Two and Point Three. So keep it super short.

Your live videos don't need to be very long to offer value. You can just keep them super short while you practice, right?

And then maybe every now and again, do a longer one so that you can deliver more value to your audience.

Number five, is while delivering your content, ask questions and tie-downs.

Like, I've asked in this, "Does that make sense?" "Are you getting any value from today? Let me know if you're getting value from this actual live right now" Those questions are called tie-downs.

And you don't want to say specifically, "Drop me a one, drop me a two" things like that or "comment like, and share" because the big Facebook doesn't actually like that.

So if you just say, "Hey, does this make sense? Are you getting value?" People are going to put in their own comments.

And then number six is your 'call to action'. And you only want to give one call to action.

"If you want more information on how to grow your business online, grab the link down below". That's a call to action.

And you can say it's absolutely free. It's a video series that's going to teach you how you can build online.

6. What Do I Say?

So the next thing I'm sure you're probably asking is what do I say? And where do I find content?

Well, now that you have the tech, the how and the layout, what are you going to teach about?

And the best way to get content is to invest, learn, put your spin on it and share it.

So what do I mean? Well, you're going to watch leaders, for instance, their content, they're going to teach you different things.

Anything that you're learning to grow your business or anything like that, you can turn it right around and you can actually teach it.

Maybe books you're reading, 'lives' that you're watching, events that you're attending, can all be used as content.

In fact, if you look at this exact episode, you could break this down into four or five different 'lives', right? You could talk about your story about going 'live'.

You could talk about the tech, you could talk about the 'how' to do it. And then you could talk about the layout for the 'live'.

You could also teach where to find content, because I just actually taught you that.

So learn to jot your content down, like the main idea and how you're going to share it with your followers.

And what I like to do is I keep notes in my phone, in the little notes app, and you just put in like different ideas for 'lives' that you can do.

So my question is to you now, what stood out for you about this episode?

So make sure that you let me know below, but it's turning content into your own by using different words. And the main idea, maybe your main idea out of this entire episode is going to be different than someone else's main idea. Right?

But here's the key. You always want to reference the original author. Okay. So yesterday I did a 'live' with a friend of mine and I had learned something that really made a huge difference in my business.

And I've actually taught it to my team. Well, I referenced the original person that had taught it to me in the 'live'. And guess what? I had a few people that reached out and was like, can you tell me who that gentleman was that taught you that again? Because they wanted to go follow him.

And I can tell you that you are going to get a lot of people that are going to respect you for doing that. So always reference the original author. If you don't know who the original author is, you can say, "You know what, I learned this from a mentor of mine".

So it's as simple as that. So now you're going to go 'live' and deliver the content, nothing to it, right?

Just remember that it takes practice, smile, have fun. Don't take yourself so seriously, laugh at yourself instead of delete and cry, and what people want more than anything is to see that you're actually a real person and you're not perfect

The number one thing in this whole entire industry of building your business online is consistency. So it's more important for you to be consistent than it is for you to be perfect.

And a lot of people are going to want to see you being authentic, not perfect, right?

When you're perfect, people are like, "You know what, I can't do what they do".

And don't forget, don't delete them!! In fact, I would just not watch them unless you were evaluating.

So think about what worked, what didn't and what can you do better? Right. Half the time, I forget to do a call to action on my videos, or I'll forget to introduce myself or whatever, but remember you're human. So no judging, just show up, commit to the process and totally go for it.

You've got this!! 

I hope you got value from today. And let me know down below, if you have any questions, go ahead and get ahold of me and we'll talk to you next time. Brandy xx


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