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How to Use Facebook Groups to Build Your Network Marketing Business

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How to Use Facebook Groups to Build Your Network Marketing Business 2

How to Use Facebook Groups to Build Your Network Marketing Business

You're about to discover how to use Facebook Groups build your network marketing business bigger, faster, and with significantly less work.

—which is exactly what you want, right?

To begin, I suggest that as a network marketer, you start with a group for your prospects and your potential team members.

You want to start with a team name.

However, you don't want it to be your company name.

For example something like the Go- Getters or Team Gold.

Groups are super easy to put together, and at the time of this post they are free.

What is great about building this kind of group is that people that have taken a look at the product or business can then meet and interact with some of your team members, as well as see that  other customers are getting results using the products or making money sharing the products.

Now if this seems a bit intimidating don't worry... 

You don't have to run the group all by yourself.

All of your team is also going to be in this group because they’re going to help you run it.

1. In this group, you are going do a pinned post first

The pinned post should have the tool that you use to share your product opportunity or service.

You want to make sure that this post states the rules of the group.

There's no spamming in the group.

There's no stealing other people's people in the group.

Now, ours says,something like “dance with the one that brought you.”

That’s more of a positive note instead of no stealing each other's customers.

When we were brand new, we didn't have enough customers to put into our own group.

So, we got resourceful and started the group with a couple different distributors in our company and put a group together.

Then, everybody that we've enrolled since then is put into that group and everybody uses that for the “ATM” strategy.

Don't worry, I'm going to explain how that works here in a second.

But for now you create the group and label it secret, then you create a pinned post at the very top of the group, that everyone gets tagged in when they first arrive

A video is most effective and usually you will have one available to you that your company has put together... 

Remember to keep this super duplicatable, because it doesn't matter what works it only matter what duplicates.

The next thing that you want to start putting into your group is…

2. Training on products and also testimonials

Any testimonials that you can find, put them inside of your group.

You also want to put a disclaimer to protect yourself, related to your company. 

That makes sure that you are covered legally just to avoid any problems with staying compliant with your company and with the FTC. 

Then comes adding people to your group.

You've added your team members and maybe you've built this group together with a couple other distributors or team members.

You put them all inside this group.

You are going to let new prospects or customers the following…

“I am going to add you to this amazing group where you can get more information about X, Y and Z.”

In this group you will see others getting results and you can ask questions.

Once you have shared the initial information about product or opportunity with your prospect, you simply let them know you  are going to add them to the group and tag them in the pinned post. 

Then, you are going to add the potential prospect to a message in messenger with someone else in your team to answer any questions

Once they are tagged in the message, you are then going to send them a message in messenger and you're going to add some team members or some upline to the message.

That message is just edifying your upline, edifying the customer, the same thing that you would do on a three-way call basically except you're doing it in messenger.

The cool part about this is that you don't have to set up times with your upline or team members

You just put the message together.

Three-way message, it's simple.

Now you have exposed your potential team mate or customer to the initial information, you have added them to the group, tagged them in the pinned post and any other posts that pertain to that certain prospect...

and you have added them into a three way message with someone in your team to answer questions. 

LAYERS of follow up...

Simple and duplicatable.

Now let's break down how this helps you build your team faster.

What happens in this group,  is that there are layers of follow-up that ends up happening.

and the best part?

you are not doing it all...

Put them in your group where they are exposed to...

  • Testimonial
  • Live video in the group about how great the products worked for them
  • Post about how much money they've made because they joined your team

Building layers of follow-up, which creates leverage in your business.

Team work makes the dream work. 

Anything that comes out new in your company, for your product, for your team — you are going to post in your group.

You're going to have a couple different moderators, team members that are also doing the same thing.

You want to make sure that there is engagement into the group; happy, fun culture of engagement.

That's the first group;

  • Prospects
  • Customers
  • Potential team members
  • Your team that are already enrolled because they're going to go in there and answer people's questions

The next group you're going to build is for your team members

If you do any sort of training more than once, if you have to explain yourself more than once, teach them how to do something more than once, you want to build a group or a website to have this training available.

Creating more time freedom and leverage in your business. 

It could be a group in Facebook or wherever you want to build it.

Just remember that you do not own Facebook so if it goes away so does your group...

So, be smart about it as you build it.  

You want to have a backup.

You want to make sure you're backing up this information so that you don't have to go in and recreate it.

What ends up happening in this team group which is super cool, is that you end up building a community.

When you have team all over the world, this group is where people come to interact with their team members.

You are going to build this culture into this group

There are some fun things that you can do inside groups to build culture.

There is “Shout Out Sunday.”

There’s a “Winning Wednesday.”

You want to have a lot of recognition in this group.

Anybody that's moving forward in their business, anybody that's hit a milestone in their business, anybody that's having a great month in their business – they should get recognition.

You can also do team training inside this group..

Just use that group for just team members that are enrolled.

That group is where you announce everything that you're doing for the team, team promotions, team everything in there

In groups…

You want to make sure you have a purpose and a mission

Ask yourself the following…

  • What is the point of the group?
  • What is our vision for this group?
  • What are we trying to do?

When you're growing your group you must have a step-by-step process.

When you come in as a prospect, you get added, tagged and messaged.

You're creating community that way and duplication.

The next piece is…

3. Be engaging

Here are some tips for you.

You can shoot a personal message to the most active in your group.

You find the top contributors by going into group insights.

Giving more recognition. 

You're not spending all day long staring at your screen.

Just a few minutes a day... 

Leverage. 100 people doing 1% and working together makes it a ton more fun and it is more effective. 

As you can see…

The Internet is simply MORe Effective than traditional network-building

Online, you can set up systems to prospect, sell, and recruit automatically, which will allow you to scale your business and build your network quickly.

In fact, you can leverage the Internet to close literally 90% of your prospects, recruits, and even customers, completely on autopilot, without cold calling or rejection of any kind.

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Plus, you'll see how Ferny Ceballos, my friend and mentor, passively generates 300–500 leads per day, 30–50 customers per day, and recruit 70–100 new serious business-builders into his business each month.

These methods allow you to build your business automatically—where prospects reach out to you (instead of you having to chase them).

So if you’re ready to get started…

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And if you found this content helpful, I would love to read your comments below!

Brandy Shaver


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