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5 Step Process For Creating Killer Social Media Posts To Grow Your Biz

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Create Killer Social Media Posts

5 Step Process For Creating Killer Social Media Posts To Grow Your Biz

Today we are talking about a five step process for creating killer social media posts to grow your Biz.

So what I find is a lot of people, when posting for their business whether it be their personal page or fan page (I’m not going to get into the difference of that today, I have other trainings for that, today I’m just talking about creating the posts), don’t have a process.

So I wanted to give you a process for you to be able to build killer social media posts and to grow your business.

Number 1Number 1: You’ve got to decide who your audience is…

A lot of us are growing a team and we also have products that people can buy. So you want to make sure that your post is very clear on your target audience. So each post may be different, right?

But you’ve got to be clear on your target. You’ve got to be clear on who you’re actually talking to in your killer social media posts. This is a huge thing!

If you can just nail this one piece, those killer social media posts will increase in shares and all those kinds of things like “likes”, “loves”, all of the reactions and comments.

So yes, your target is your first thing.

Now I want you to remember when you’re doing social media posts about your business…

Don’t mention your product, company or opportunity!

Keep those things secret…

Those things should only be revealed if somebody gets a hold of you and says, “Hey, I saw your post. I’m interested in what you were saying about X, Y, and Z.” Okay?

That’s one of the biggest mistakes that I see that people make when they’re building their business online is that they give away the company or the product, and then people can… guess what? They go to Google.

And there’s probably not one company out there that doesn’t have products on Google.

Now I know, I know. I know.

You’re not supposed to be able to get products from your company on Google.

However, it just a happens right… on Amazon, Ebay and it happens all over.

So you want to keep control of the situation.

So that’s my first tip, it’s not part of the process, but it is a huge tip so that you keep it so that people HAVE to get a hold of you to find out about your company, product or opportunity.

5 Step Process For Creating Killer Social Media Posts To Grow Your Biz 1Number 2: Is to find the pain.

Okay? Now the pain, the problem is the same, right?

People have a problem.

Now, if you have a product, let’s say that is about weight loss, you can maybe talk about a story about losing weight and how you felt and you know, all the things that go into that, right?

So that’s the problem that we want to talk about in our killer social media posts.

All right… and you want to talk about the pain that goes with the problem.

5 Step Process For Creating Killer Social Media Posts To Grow Your Biz 2Number 3: The next part of this is the solution.

What is the solution?

Now you can say these strategies are the solution. You can say this amazing product I’ve been using… etc, right?

You don’t want to say its name, you just want to call it something, but that’s the solution.

So after you’ve gone through the problem, you’re going to go to the solution.

The solution is the actual thing your marketing, right?

So you could say this product helped me do X, Y, and Z.

Now what do you suppose X, Y and Z is?

So we’ve got to target the problem, the solution and the benefit in your social media posts.

5 Step Process For Creating Killer Social Media Posts To Grow Your Biz 3Number 4: Is the benefit.

You want to list out the benefit and you might have more than one benefit.

Explain what the product does and keep it in story form.

If you can create great stories on your social media posts, you’ll have more interaction, more shares, more people coming to you, and more people commenting.

You’ll have more people saying, “Hey, I’d love some more information”.

Now what do you suppose is the next piece of this? Because this is super simple.

5 Step Process For Creating Killer Social Media Posts To Grow Your Biz 4Number 5: To this process is having a call to action.

A call to action can be “Hey, if you want more information…“,

Or It could be, “Hey, let me know” or “Drop an Emoji if you want X, Y, and Z.”

If you want to get a hold of them, you can say, “Hey, pm me if you’re interested”.

I like subtle call to actions on personal pages.

You can say… “You know, I’ve been using this product for X, Y, and Z and I’ve lost three inches and this is what happened.”

And you talk about the solution and the benefit and then the call to action.

I actually had 45 people comment on that post and I enrolled two team members just from one post.

So that’s where I got this process was after I tested using this process and adding a call to action at the bottom.

I actually left off the call to action on this post. I didn’t even know this process when I did it and I still got a lot of responses.

Okay, so it’s super simple.

You don’t overthink it because that’s one thing that we all do.

And what I like to do too, just so that I can start to learn from what other people are doing.

If I see a post that has a ton of comments, likes, and shares, I’ll actually save that killer social media post and I take it and I go study it.

I look at it and figure out how can I model this? How can I take this idea and model it to my own business?

Because it’s not always the same apples to apples kind of thing. Right?

It could be a post about weight loss when I want a post about enrolling team members.

So creating killer posts on social media is a process.

To recap, ready to create killer social media posts:

Number one is figuring out your target and your target may it be different for every post, depending on if you’re talking about product or enrolling people in your business.

Number two is the problem. Okay? So what is the problem? And you’re going to want to talk about the pain in the problem…

If you want examples, you can go to my page and see some of my posts.

You can find them on personal or my fan page.

Number three is then you’re going to go into the solution to the problem and the pain.

Number four is you talk about the benefits.

And Number five is then you are going to have a call to action.

All right, so super simple!

Now let me just tell you, you’re going to feel like this is a huge thing and it’s going to feel overwhelming when you go to write this, right?

But just go with the flow, write it out like a story and then add in where you missed stuff.

You know, maybe you will miss the solution.

I was talking to a gal earlier today that I was coaching and she’d actually forgotten to add the benefit right in her story. Like you could take it, you could pick it out, you could see the problem, you could see the solution and you could see the call to action, but there was clearly no benefit there, right?

And so when you have these five things in place for your posts, your business and your social media presence is going to get bigger and bigger and bigger because you are hitting people right where they feel it. Right?

And have you ever read a post and been like, oh my gosh, she’s talking about me?

That’s the whole process of building this way to make sure you have killer social media posts.

I hope you got value out of this… If you got value, drop me a comment, let me know. (Did you notice the call to action!)

And if you know somebody that is posting on social media and needs this training, you’re always welcome to share with them or send them over to my Facebook page for more tips about how to create killer social media posts!

How to create killer social media posts


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