October 20

Make Today and The Rest Of Your Week Super Productive

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Make Today and The Rest Of Your Week Super Productive

Make Today and The Rest Of Your Week Super Productive

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Welcome to today's blog. My name is Brandy Shaver, and today we are talking about 'How to make your day and the rest of your week, super productive'. 

And I actually got this from a mentor of mine, a copywriter mentor that I love, he's actually taught me a ton. My success is a lot of his fault.

So I wanted to share this with you. If you have issues in being productive and figuring out, okay, well, what do I do first? What do I do here? How do I do this? Where do I start? 

1. Have a Great Attitude and Expect to Win

So number one is have a great attitude and expect to win, right?

A seemingly small thing, but your attitude and expectations make a huge difference in how you feel and how you feel dictates how you act and what you act on.

So managing your thoughts and mastering your actions, that's probably one of the biggest things. If you can get your mind around what you're doing and really have a great attitude and expect to win, your day and your week will be way more productive.

So how many of you have woke up on a day and you just, maybe just don't feel like doing anything in your business, right? You're like, "Ah, this is too much work. I don't want to do this today. I burned out, I have so many other things to do, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning the house", and you just kind of put it on the back burner. 

And what you find is that you are procrastinating on what really needs to get done to move your business forward. And that's part of having a great attitude and expecting to win in your business.

2. Have Specific Goals

So number two have specific goals for the week. I like to call mine results. I had a few mind coaches talk to me about goals and I hate the word! Goals are like, I don't know what goals are to me, but they don't seem to get me anywhere.

How many of you feel like goals just kind of get set and maybe it's the stigma around New Year's resolutions, y'all set goals and have things that you want to do, and then just kind of all goes by the wayside.

And so I don't like to call them goals. I look for results in my business. And so I set certain results that I want to look at, or that I want to have happen.

But I'm sure you've heard about goals, about setting results for the week. And if you don't have an income goal for the month, you won't have an income goal for the actual year.

And so it's same with daily and weekly goals and yearly goals, you're in business and your business has to be profitable every day. And so you've got to figure out breaking that down, piece by piece.

How many of you do that? Drop me a comment down below if you break it down piece by piece. I'm not the best at it, I'm getting better. I'm learning that numbers are my friend and that if I just know the numbers, then I have exactly what to focus on.

Now how I break down my weekly results. What I'm looking for is to focus in on the activities, not so much the actual result that comes out of it, the result I'm looking for is to talk to X amount of people. The result I'm looking for is to work with X amount of team. The result I'm looking for is, you know, you get the idea, right?

So if you have an activity result, as well as results at the end of the goals, then your day and your week and your month, you're going to break it down to those specific things.

Day, week, month, and then you can even do 90 days, one year and then five years out.

And if you plan it out that way, you can course correct faster, you can see kind of what's going on and you can course correct faster.

So the question that I always get is 'What activities should you focus on?' And that leads us to the third thing:

3. Be Strategic

Which is BE STRATEGIC. It's easy to make a list of of a mile, right. Of things that need to get done.

In fact, I've got a list of a mile of things that need to get done today. However, focus in on the things that only move your business forward.

You know, because we could get organized with our products. for instance. We could put excel sheets together about whatever, right? Just make sure that you're doing these daily activities, these results you're looking for in your business, that actually move your business forward.

Get more people to look at your opportunity and to join your team and to buy more products because really nothing else matters, right?

For you to build network marketing, that's kind of what has to happen. Most people focus in on all the things that seem important, but they don't really contribute to the actual movement of the business.

So if you want to crush it in your business, you've got to focus in on getting new customers, getting new team members and selling more products.

And if you need to prioritize that list of to do's, spend most of it, if not all of that time, checking off these business income drivers. That's basically where you need to be to move your business forward.

Let's just cover this one more time, have a great attitude and expect to win, to have specific results for the week, things that need to get done. And then be strategic.

Those are not making a list of a mile long, but focusing in on the few things that move your business forward the fastest.

So if you have any questions, let me know. If you guys got value, drop me a value or smash the heart button below. Have a great rest of your day. Brandy xx.


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About the Author

Brandy is a wife, mother of six, and a lead generation expert, as well as a network marketer. Her passion is helping others realize the power of building their business using the Internet, coaching others to believe in themselves, and to fight for their dreams.

Brandy Sher Shaver

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