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The 3 Wrong Ways to Prospect On Social Media That You Definitely Will Want to Avoid

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The 3 Wrong Ways to Prospect On Social Media That You Definitely Will Want to Avoid

The 3 Wrong Ways to Prospect On Social Media That You Definitely Will Want to Avoid

Hey, welcome to today's episode. My name is Brandy Shaver coming to you from Utah.

Have you ever wondered the things that you shouldn't be doing on social media?

Today, I am sharing with you the three wrong ways that you will definitely want to avoid when prospecting on social media. Because here's the thing, there is a right way and there's a wrong way and then there's an effective way. 

And so if you are excited about today's content, go ahead and let me know. 

I'm excited to be here, excited that you are having a second to pop in. 

Here's the thing, the whole entire network marketing industry just got forced to go digital. That's awesome because I've been building online for years now. 

Actually I'm on my fifth year building online. The problem that we have now is that instead of network marketing getting a bad name because people are bugging their friends and family and not taking no for an answer, they're now coming online with no skillsets to build their businesses

And so this is a huge issue and it is bringing down the quality of the industry. 

So I wanted to share the three wrong ways that people are building online so that you could avoid doing them.

And then I'm going to teach you what you might want to be doing to have people reach out to you, your perfect prospects coming to you every day.

1. Keep Some things Secret

All right. So here we go. Number one, the number one issue that people are doing on social media, they are posting about their products with the company name on the post.

What might be the problem do you think, just think about it!! 

So the problem is, number one, they they're going to go Google it!! So go to brother Google, look it up and guess what's going to happen........

Somebody like me that's a smart marketer, that knows ad words and SEL, they're going to pop up into their newsfeed and they're going to find somebody that can sell them the product.

And you didn't even know that they were ever a prospect.

So your company and your product name should be one of your biggest secrets, because if they don't know, they can't go Google it and get it somewhere else.

And let's be real, right? Most products you can now get on Amazon because there are people that get into the industry.

And what they do is they give it a go for the first two weeks and they hear no from two or three people, then they go to Amazon and open an Amazon account and they sell the products.

Now, even though this is probably against policy inside of your company and your company is probably doing everything possible to shut these people down, it still happens.

So just be aware that that's going on, don't give the name of the product or the company name so that people can't go Google it. All right.

2. Don't Be NEEDY

The second problem for prospecting online is the 'join me now so that I can rank advance'.

People posting at the end of the month!! I probably seen 10 to 15 posts yesterday, it being the last day of the month that people were like, "Listen, I'm only this far away from my goal. Let me know if you want to join a business or you know, do something to make an extra income".

First off, that's all about you.

If you see those kinds of posts, do you click on them? Because I don't, they actually just irritate me.

And I'm going to tell you a story. One of my really good family members started in a company a few years ago. And every day she would post at least 10 times a day about her products, her opportunity, her 'join me now'. Right?

And the problem is the same people were seeing it every day. She didn't have a strategy on how to grow her audience.

So the same people were on her friends list. Now let me tell you a little secret, your friend's list doesn't change unless you change it.

So people are seeing the same posts over and over and over. That's how you irritate people, how they unfriend you.

In fact, I unfollowed her because I couldn't take any more posts. Here's the thing, if I want your products, I know you sell them, especially if you've done a great job at letting me know.

So if I want them, I'm probably going to come to you and let you know. So don't post the 'join me now's', or 'I need to rank advance, it's the end of the month', it's needy. Okay.

3. You're NOT A Robot

The third one, the copy and paste messages. I don't know who is teaching this stuff, but copying and pasting the same message over and over and over and over again to different people is not effective!

I just talked to a friend of mine, we just did a zoom call. I was helping her figure out some of her funnel stuff. And she said, "Brandy, I don't know who's teaching this, but I'm going to go insane. I got NINE messages today, the same exact message. Copy and paste, word for word!!"

Guys, you're a human being, not a robot! Let's stop being a robot.

Start being an authentic human that cares about others, that wants to serve other people.

It's really giving the industry a bad name, when you're doing stuff like that. People want authentic conversations. They don't want to be spammed. 

And here's the other thing when you're on social media, it's called interruption marketing. That's what we do on social media. When we put a post up about our products or our opportunity, because here's the thing, they're on Facebook to be social.

They don't go on Facebook to buy things unless they're in the shop app. So interruption marketing, you want to make that post as native as possible to make it fit in to the social media platform that you're on. Right?

If you're on Instagram, it needs to have a beautiful picture. If you're on Facebook, it's gotta be engaging. It's got to ask questions, all these things.

4. So What Should You Do Instead?

So here's what to do instead.

Now, if you've been taught this stuff, don't get your panties in a bind. I was taught this stuff too.

And I did it too. I got kicked off of LinkedIn for being a spammer. Totally true story!! 

But here's the thing, let's elevate the industry together. That's how come I do what I do, is I want people to have a professional way to build their business.

A professional way that they feel comfortable with and that they're proud about and that we can serve other human beings with.

Here's what to do instead, you're going to build a brand. You're going to give value with inspiration, motivation, education and lifestyle.

That's what you're going to do. Now, once that's done and you're building a brand, those people, those perfect A-player prospects, are going to start to see that you are different. You're different. You offer value and guess what people want.

Can you guess what people want?

They want authentic human beings that want to serve them. They go into business with people they know, like and trust.

Now I posted a link in with this episode that you can get more information on this. You can get the actual strategy that I started with not long ago. And listen, it is incredible. I have people reaching out to me. I've taught this to my team. We have people that enroll on a daily basis.

People are growing their teams. They're getting new customers, all from using the strategy. So you got to grab it right? That's it.

So I hope you got value from today's episode. If you did go ahead and let me know somehow. Appreciate you being here and we'll talk to you next time. Brandy xx.


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