September 15

The 5 Benefits Of Branding Yourself Instead of Your Company

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The 5 Benefits Of Branding Yourself Instead of Your Company

The 5 Benefits Of Branding Yourself Instead of Your Company

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Hey there. And welcome to today's episode. We are talking about 'The five benefits of branding yourself instead of branding your company'.

And I am talking about companies where you share their products and it builds teams.

My name is Brandy Shaver, and I'm coming to you from Utah. Super excited to be able to share this with you today. 

So what is branding? That's usually where we want to start the conversation. And if you know what branding is, let me know, because it does get a little bit confusing, especially if you're new into this whole world of online.

So William Arruda, the personal branding guru and author of 'Ditch, Dare, Do. 3D Personal Branding for Executives' says, "If you want to be successful, you need to think of yourself as a personal brand".

So like a corporate brand represents a particular business entity, a personal brand is a manifestation of you as an individual on an individual level, but not everyone can be successful in pulling this off. 

If you've been struggling with how to brand yourself, social media is where you should begin because social media is so easy for someone that is new with no list, no experience, no nothing, to jump in and to start building a brand. 

So your brand is you on a personal level.  

Now, if you go back to his definition, that's exactly what it is. And here's the thing, when we move products and build teams of people, we've gotta be able to build that know, like and trust with people and when you brand yourself online, you are going to be able to do that in the masses. 

So when you think about that, you put a post or a video out, and that post or video stays there forever.

It's not you going to the local market (which is what I used to do) and trying to meet people to get to know, like and trust you because here's the thing, they're not going to join you if they don't know, like and trust you. 

So let me know if this is resonating with you, if this is making sense, because let me just ask you this. 

If you didn't know me from Adam, this is the first time we're meeting, and I said, Hey, (and your name may be Jenny) and I say to you, "Hey, Jenny, you want to join my team?" 

And you're like, "Who is this weirdo? Why would I want to join her team? I have no idea who she even is. I don't know what she does. And I don't really care about her health and wellness products."

So that's what you're going to get 98% of the time when you're talking to a stranger, because nobody in their right mind is going to join you in business if they don't know, like and trust you!!

And you can build that know, like and trust on social media faster by giving out value and providing solutions for your perfect customers and your perfect teammates. 

And that's where all of this starts. 

Now don't be too alarmed when I say you probably want to start a personal brand because I'm sure your mind just went, "Oh my gosh. Like I've got to be like Coca Cola or Macy's, or whatever, right?" That's a huge responsibility. 

No, the personal brand is based around you and what you do for people. So here's some things that define a personal brand, at least in my eyes. 

When someone comes to your social media platforms, what do they find? And how do they feel and how can you help them?

That's the three things that you want to mainly focus on, how you can help that person. So let's say you're with a health and wellness company and you are maybe in the Keto industry, your brand may be helping people get fit using Keto. And you give them your tips and tricks on how to do that, your hacks.

So now that we've covered, 'What is a brand' and why you want to do it instead of branding your company, let's talk about the benefits of doing this. Okay? 

Because I got started doing this, branding myself online, on social media, about four and a half years ago. And I was brand new. I had no idea how to even copy and paste. Like no joke.

I have proof and a witness that can show you that I really didn't know!! So when you start to build a brand online, you may feel a little bit of imposter syndrome.

You're like, "Well, I'm not this big successful network marketer or whatever", but that's not what the point is. The point is, is that you're going to share value with other people.

And it's not about you. And that's actually the best part about all of this because when you brand yourself, it's not about you.

It's about what you can do to serve your perfect customer or your perfect teammate. Okay? So here we go. What are the benefits of branding yourself instead of your company?

1. Owning YOURSELF

Number one, whether you believe me or not, your company owns your distributorship. You do not own a piece of that. So your company owns your distributorship and at any time, they can decide that they don't need you to be part of their company.

And this happens to a lot of people because maybe they don't follow policies and procedures. Maybe they're not in compliance. Maybe, and I have a friend this happened to, is that she decided to branch out her brand and start teaching how to build on social media. And her company actually kicked her out.

So you don't own that distributorship. They do. If you don't follow up, and it says right in the terms of your contract, that you signed to be a distributor, that they own your distributorship, they are just giving you privileges to make an income and to leverage their company and their products. 

So if you don't believe me, go check it out.

2. Protecting YOURSELF

Number two, when you brand yourself, instead of your company, it protects you because you are not tied to any one thing. Now, when I say that, I just actually had a gal asked me this question.

She says, "Well, I don't understand how I get people into my team and into my company, if I'm branding myself!!"

Well, I have another friend that has a whole business page on health and wellness. She doesn't ever talk about her company or how to get her products.

She is talking about general health and wellness. And then when she recommends a product, she will tell you what she uses it for and the benefits.

And if you want the product, you actually have to get ahold of her. And this isn't a new concept. This is actually done by, you know, I've seen large bodybuilders do it.

Anytime famous people are sponsored by a company, they are sharing their products and they're getting a kickback. So it protects you so that you're not tied to one thing.

So you're not just the, you know, Mary Kay distributor in my case. When I was with Mary Kay, that's what people would have known me as 'The Mary Kay distributor'. 

Now when my Mary Kay business fell apart, I had built a huge, massive following of just people that know, like and trust me because of all of the value that I'd given out, but I didn't do it online. And therefore I wasn't building a list!!

3. Building a List

Which brings us to the next point, building a list is an asset. Now your list.....right now, you're thinking, "Well, I don't really have a list", but really you do! 

So your list is actually your social media or people that follow you. So on your personal profile, you've probably got a list of people and that list is great inside of Facebook.

You can take that list off at any time. In fact, I would write those people down, either put that in a Google doc or you know, write it down on paper if you're old school, totally up to you, but your list is your best asset.

So think about this. If my company right now goes away and happens right! Maybe the FTC shuts it down. It just happens, its happened like to AdvoCare. This has happened to other companies in the past, but if my company decides to shut down, I am not stuck with no list or no assets. I can actually quickly pivot, which is the next piece.

4. The Ability to Pivot

Number four is PIVOT at any time into what you're doing, because you have branded yourself and built a list of people that know, like and trust you.

And depending on the audience, you can pivot and move to whatever you want. So right now, if my company went away, I could actually just join another company and start building there without any big fanfare or anything.

Just letting people know, "Hey, you know what? My company has gone away and I've joined this company because X, Y, and Z, and this is what I'm doing next. So if you want to come along, great, let's get you involved."

Right. That's exactly how you would move as a pivot.

5. Build Outside Income

The last one, the benefits of branding yourself instead of your company, is that you can build outside incomes.

You can feel the outside leveraged incomes. You can actually maybe be a coach if you wanted to. That's an idea.

I have another friend, that's a running coach and she's building a brand online. So if you're in a health and wellness company and you're all about running, you could actually build a whole entire brand and coach people and charge them for an income stream.

That could be another income stream and it could be very lucrative. It could also be very fun and passionate, right? So you're not stuck in this peg hole of just your company.

And if something happens, then you're kind of just out, right?

So those are the five benefits of branding yourself instead of your company. 

And I hope you got a ton of value if this made sense, let me know.

And if you got value out of this, go ahead and let someone else know that might want to know these things. If you want more on how to start branding yourself online, I'm going to drop a link down below or in the title in this video. 

And you will be able to grab that. It's gonna teach you the first beginning steps on how to do that. So appreciate you being here. Have a great rest of your day and we'll talk to you next time. Brandy x


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Brandy is a wife, mother of six, and a lead generation expert, as well as a network marketer. Her passion is helping others realize the power of building their business using the Internet, coaching others to believe in themselves, and to fight for their dreams.

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