September 29

The 90 Day Marketing Plan with Cody Butler – Part One

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90 Day Marketing Plan with Cody Butler - Part One

The 90 Day Marketing Plan with Cody Butler – Part One

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Hey there. Welcome to today's episode. My name is Brandy Shaver, and I'm excited about today's topic because we are going to be covering a '90 Day Marketing Plan' for your business.

Now, Cody Butler is joining us here in just a second. He is the #1 bestselling author of 'Got attitude' and 'The 90 Day Marketing Plan'.

Cody is widely accepted as one of the world's leading experts on small business marketing and business growth.

He's been featured on Fox, ABC and NBC, and has consulted for multinational companies as well as sporting stars and marketing celebrities.

Cody's work with over 5,000 businesses to date and his latest project 'The 90 Day Marketing Plan' is designed to help small business owners exactly like you create an effective marketing plan, even in these difficult times.

So Cody, I'm so excited to be able to welcome you onto today's episode, super excited to have you here and appreciate you sharing some value with my followers. Welcome Cody. 

CODY: Thank you for that, Brandy. So today I'd love to be able to talk to you about some steps, some actionable steps that you can take right now to actually grow your network marketing business.

Whether that's to recruit more people, to sell downline, whether that's to actually sell products to consumers yourself, either way these tips are going to really help you do that. 

So there's really three or four things that are really fundamental.

So with any business there's just a few tasks that are really going to move the dial within the business. Any given day, there's a hundred things you could actually do, but only four or five of those things are really going to actually make a difference in the business.

1. What Can I Do Today To Improve My Business?

So the first thing I say is you've got to really figure out what are the tasks that you can be doing today that are going to move the dial in your business.

And that ultimately is going to come down to the question I always ask people when they're saying that their business is not growing at the rate they want it to grow at, whether it be recruiting more people or making more sales, is 'How many people did you talk to you today?'

'How many people know about you today that didn't know about you yesterday?' 'How many people know about you this month that didn't know about you last month?' And generally speaking, the answer to that question is pretty much a zero for most people.

When asked the question, 'How many people know about you', the qualified people that want, need and can pay for your services or want, need and can sell your services, the answer is usually zero.

So when we bring that revelation to light, it becomes very clear why your business is not growing.

BRANDY: That's a great point, Cody. I love that because it is one of the things that has to happen, if you're not talking to humans, your business is not growing, right? So that's a great point.

CODY: Yeah, that's absolutely right. You know, if we think about it in relatively small numbers, so let's say we're having conversations on Facebook. We're having conversations on Twitter. We're having conversations on LinkedIn.

However we're doing this, right? Whatever method we're using, which we can talk about in a little bit, it only takes if you reach 30 people a day, if you reach out to 30 people on LinkedIn, or if you reach out to 30 people on Facebook, that's a thousand people a month.

That's 12,000 people a year. If 12,000 people know about you at the end of the year, that didn't know about you at the beginning of the year, are you going to see some results?

BRANDY: Absolutely. That's a huge, huge thing to point out. That's why I love it.

CODY: That's it! That really is the number one thing, you've got to be reaching people.

Now, once you understand that you've got to be reaching people, it's like, well, don't just reach out on Facebook and start messaging your friends and stuff like that.

We've gotta be reaching the right people. So another big needle that moves your business or a bigger activity that moves the business is you gotta be able to identify who it is that you want to talk to.

2. If We Can Define Them, We Can Find Them

So the basic rule is IF WE CAN DEFINE THEM, WE CAN FIND THEM. So again, if I'm having a conversation with somebody and they say 'My business is not growing at the rate I would like it to', the next question is, 'Well, explain to me who your ideal customer is?'

Explain to me who your ideal distributor is? Where do they hang out? What are they interested in? What do they talk about? Who are they following on Twitter? Who are they following on Facebook? Who are they engaging with? And again, it's usually crickets. Most people don't really know the answer to those questions.

BRANDY: They need to take the time to figure that out. Right? That's part of being in the business is you've got to know those things.

CODY: Absolutely. Well, like I said, if we can define the audience, we can find the audience.

And that's the great thing with modern marketing, Facebook, Google, Twitter, or LinkedIn, all of these networks, they're basically list-building networks.

They're data networks, they're built with the sole purpose of gathering data on people and selling that data to people like you and me.

BRANDY: Right. And most network marketers think their target market is everyone, right?

They're like, well, if I'm in a health and wellness company and we have, you know, stuff for health and wellness, everybody needs that, but that's not the case.

CODY: Exactly right. I mean, that's part of figuring out who it is that you want to speak to because we've got a determine the tip of the spear. When I ask the question, 'Who is your target market?'

Again the answer is everybody. And it's like, NO, the answer is NOT everybody. Yes everybody potentially could buy your product, but they're not going to buy your product.

People tend to buy from people much like themselves. So, you know, I'm a man over the age of 40. So if I were selling health and wellness, I would be looking to sell to men over the age of 40. And I will be talking to them about problems that I've experienced and how I've overcome those problems.

BRANDY: Absolutely. That's a great point.

CODY: So whatever problems you've overcome in your life, however the product or service has benefited you, that's your story.

And that's what's going to reach people. So for example, you'll never reach a drug addict unless you've been a drug addict.

BRANDY: Absolutely true.

CODY: There's no point trying to go and evangelize a drug addict if you've not been one, because they're going to go, who are you? And what do you know about it?

BRANDY: You have no idea what I've been through, right? Yeah. It makes so much sense.

CODY: Exactly. Walk a mile in my shoes before you come and talk to me.

3. Narrow Down Your Audience

So figuring out who your audience or who the most relevant section of your audience is and you want to look for something that's very narrow and very deep versus very, very, very broad. 

So when people say EVERYBODY like 'Everybody can benefit from weight loss', 'Everybody can benefit from our energy.' It's like they can, but not everybody's going to listen to you.

So pick a segment of your audience that's very narrow, but very deep.

So it may be mothers over the age of 50 or mothers over the age of 40 or divorced women or divorced men or something like that.

It's like really narrow it down and really focus on one specific thing. And one thing I'd say is marketing is very counterintuitive.

If it was intuitive, everybody would be good at it! Everybody does what's intuitive and very few people get great results. So you have to understand that marketing is very counterintuitive and what works is really what you would think would not work.

And what you think would work really never works and really narrowing down and getting very niche specific, very focused on one specific segment of your potential audience.

People go 'It's too narrow, it's not going to work.'

BRANDY: It's not enough people, right? It's not enough people, but going back to the old adage that I learned in marketing is if you're speaking to everyone, like if you're standing on a soap box and you're yelling to a crowd, no one is listening, no one, you've got to be able to speak directly to your target market customer.

And that's what you're talking about is, you know, like divorced men. If you've been a divorced man, you know what you went through, you can speak their language. So that's makes a huge difference in what we do.

4. Be Specific

CODY: There's a chapter in his book, Robert Cialdini's book Persuasion and Influence, and if you haven't read that yet, you're an irresponsible business owner. Read it!!

BRANDY: That was a dig to go get the book and read it. In case you missed it!!

CODY: It's a great, great book. But he has a chapter in that book where they do an experiment where a man just lays down.

It's in New York city I think, but the man, he's an actor, he just lays down on the floor and start shouting "I'm having a heart attack. Somebody help me. I'm having a heart attack, somebody help me", and nobody helps him.

They repeat this experiment over and over again and nobody helps him. Then he lays down and he says, "I'm having a heart attack, the lady in the black top with a white blouse on, please come and help me".

And every single time that person came and helped him. So the lesson to take away is when you just make a general call out to your audience, 'Hey, here's what I've got. Come and check it out.' No one's going to do it.

But when you very specifically call out to a person, 'Hey, the lady in the black with the white blouse and ear buds in, I'm talking to you come and have a listen to what I've got to say', your heads going to turn around and you're going to come over.

So becoming very specific in who you're talking to, and then calling out to those people, which is the next part really, which is sort of outreach and data capture.

So we want to start reaching out to these people. And we want to do that very specifically, while at the same time, collecting their contact details.

So we're going to do that with lead capture, lead magnets, i'm sure everybody's familiar with that, offering a free report or offering some kind of free sample or some kind of benefit, for them to give their contact details.

But again, we want to do that very, very specifically.

BRANDY: The list has always gotta be the main goal, right? Building that asset.

CODY: Got to build that asset. Absolutely. That's the next point is FOLLOW UP. We'll talk about that in a second, but if you don't have their contact details, you can't follow up.

And if you can't follow up, you're probably not going to win. So with the actual outreach, creating that messaging and creating that lead magnet, a few tips that are really great is understanding that there's only TWO things that motivate an individual. 

That's the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain. So we really want to incorporate both of those into what we're offering as a lead magnet.

So for example, it's like, you got to figure out what does this person really want and what does this person really not want? What are they moving? What are they running towards? And what are they running away from?

What's the pleasure and what's the pain. So it could be how to lose 20 pounds without feeling hungry? How to lose weight without changing your diet? How to lose weight without exercise?

So it's like figure out what do they really want and what do they really not want? How to create a 227% return on your investment every year with no risk?

BRANDY: How to get thousands of people to join your team without prospecting, or being a Spammy Tammy. Right! 

CODY: That's right, exactly. That would be great. How to get people to join your team without feeling salesy. Exactly. So figure out what people want, figure out what they don't want and then offer them both!! 

BRANDY: I love it. That's great.

CODY: That becomes absolutely irresistible to somebody.

When you offer the pleasure that they're seeking and you offer a solution to the pain that they're trying to avoid. It's like, yes, please sign me up straight away.

BRANDY: Here's my credit card. I can't get it out fast enough. 

CODY: And look, when you do this, when you do this properly, when you've dialled your message in which you can only really do, if you know the audience you're talking to and then you're reaching those people effectively, you're going to get great response rates.

Which is going to do tremendous things for your morale and your psychology. It's like, if you're just reaching out to 30, 40 people a day, it's like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. After a day or 2 it's really hard to get up and start doing that again.

BRANDY: And that does not sound fun. Let's not do that.

CODY: Whereas when you become effective in your marketing, it becomes fun because people start responding positively to you.

You don't get crickets on LinkedIn, or you don't get crickets on Facebook or you don't get, leave me alone spam or that kind of stuff. You start to get positive responses because you're actually adding some value prior to asking for something from the person.

BRANDY: That's perfect. I love that.

5. How Much Information Should I Give?

CODY: And that's always the best strategy. Again it's counterintuitive, like people say, well, how much information should I give? ALL OF IT!

You asked me the question before we jumped on today, 'What would you like to get out of today? What would you like to do?

Well i'll throw it right back at you. What would you like for me to do? And what would you like to get out of it? Because I know that the key to building a relationship with you is not thinking about what can I get out of this?

It's about thinking, what can you get out of this? If i'm thinking about what can you get out of this and how can I help you and your audience, that's going to give me a tenfold return.

BRANDY: Absolutely. And that's exactly what I teach all the time, day in and day out, because it is really honestly the only thing that works, especially online.

CODY: You've got to give, give, give, give, and then people say 'Well, how much information should I give away before the free credit card trial has expired?' I say 'Give all of it away, give your best information away!'

Because unless somebody knows you're good, they're not going to take it to the next level. You give them your best information.

Then they're going to go 'I can work with this person, or I can learn from this person, or I can be under this person or this person is going to assist me in my growth.'

BRANDY: And you know, one thing that they think too, that I ran into a lot using this strategy for building my own business is that, 'Oh my gosh, look at all of this value that Cody's given me for free. Can you imagine if I was on his team? Like, what would that would look like?'

They're thinking he's just giving us all this value and it's all free. So it switches that in their brain to think, 'Oh, he must have some other amazing things he's going to teach us if we're on his team' Right?

CODY: Oh, that's right. And at the end of the day, the question you've got to ask yourself all of the time is 'How can I add more value?' 

You know they say who can spend the most on advertising wins. Well, that's kind of true, but the real truth is who can add the most value is who wins.

Ultimately somebody who can spend a lot of money on advertising will win in the short term, but they're not going to have a longterm business as they're not adding massive value.

I hope you got value out of today's episode, join us next week for part 2 of 'The 90 Minute Markerting Plan.' Take care, Brandy x


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