November 18

The Secrets of Duplicating a Team Online…

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The Secrets of Duplicating a Team with Whit and Cari Higham

The Secrets of Duplicating a Team Online…

Ever struggled with building a team fast?

Old school prospecting, chasing family & friends, prospecting strangers at the mall and the 3-foot rule probably don't work for you anymore...

Whit & Cari Higham used to struggle with getting people to buy or join them, but now with their new social media strategy, they've tripled their volume in 30 days!!

Today we are doing an interview with Whit & Cari Higham.

So we are going to be chatting about the secrets of duplication and duplicating a team online.

For those of you that don't know who Whit & Cari are we're going to chat a little bit about who they are and where they come from and all that stuff. 

Cari and I have been using strategies to totally smash it out of the park inside of their network marketing business and I wanted to just talk to them a little bit about how they are doing that..

All right, here we go...

Prefer to watch the video of the interview, click here...

So Whit & Cari, tell us a little bit about who you are, where you come from and what brought you to network marketing? 

We started in the network marketing space about five years ago after Whit was laid off from his job for the second time in our marriage. And at the time we were kind of drowning...

We were in so much debt and we were losing everything at the time because we had thought we had built a pretty good lifestyle. 

But when you just put everything on credit cards and you know, you don't actually pay for everything that you own... they like to take it away when you don't keep making your payments.

And that's exactly what had happened to us.

And so in, I guess it was November of 2013... Well, we joined our network marketing company in February, but we were actually introduced in December and it was right before Christmas. 

Right before Christmas we had a brand new baby. We were losing our house, moving into my parents' basement.

And lo and behold, we get a call from Brandy....

Well she was smart enough not to call Cari so I actually got the call.

Well I had actually told Brandy no,  six months before that, but when your life's falling apart, the Lord humbles you a little bit.

Right. And that's exactly what happened to us.

And so we jumped into network marketing and in our first six months. We were big fat failures and it wasn't for lack of trying. And you guys can even ask Brandy. We were hard core.... we were trying hard!

Yeah.... We had weekly a house meeting set up at Brandy's house because nobody wanted to come to our house because it was an old house. 

But yeah, we had weekly meetings set up at Brandy's house and we probably did weekly home meetings probably for a couple months...

It was easy just doing them over and over and over and over and over again...

But we didn't see any results from them whatsoever.

Nope. We had recruited zero people at the end of that first six months.

And so we went to our upline who is Brandy's upline and we told them we were frustrated.

We're like, what are we doing wrong? How come no one wants to do this with us? Like what are we missing?

And they're like, you're not missing anything... You're just not talking to the right people. So you need to go talk to more people.

So what we ended up doing because we come from the same little teeny town of less than 5,000 people and we all know the same people.

We started hitting the cold market streets. We were north during the week and down in Vegas during the weekends.

And anybody that would give us their number... We were putting information in front of them, but we couldn't get anybody that saw the vision, right.

We were in the exact same situation where people were interested in looking and then the second they look, they're like, nah, this isn't for me. And we kept thinking, are we crazy?

Yeah. Well, I think our upline at one point told us that, you know, we don't understand the reason you're still doing this... 

Yeah, like why am I'm still here...

They said that normal people would have quit a long time ago with as hard as you guys are working with the lack of results you guys are achieving. 

And so I remember them saying, "how come you're still here?"

And to be honest with you we were too damn stubborn to give up!

But you know, that's kind of where we were at the time and we decided that we needed to look for different avenues. 

How did you go from no team, no name to recruiting a six figure team?

So we actually... it was in January of 2016 and at that point I remember looking at Whit, and saying you've got to figure out a different way to build us something online where we don't have to leave our boys.... where we're actually able to recruit from home.

Because we had went from my parents' basement to his parents' basement. We now had two little boys that were still in diapers and I was tired of leaving them. I was tired of putting all the miles on our car. I was sick of not seeing my husband and I was just like, you got to figure out a different way to build this or I'm out.

And so it was in April of 2016 that we found attraction marketing. And then Brandy, Whit, and I were on this journey of learning how to recruit on social media. And that was the turning point in our business. 

​Huge turning point in our business... you know and that's when we started to actually attract people to us.

We started getting content out there.

We started to learn how to actually lead with value because even right before that, we were trying to build our business on social media, but we were doing everything the wrong way...

You know... work from home opportunities to yard sale groups and we had thousands of people respond to those.

And we spent literally every day after work answering all these people and at the end of the day, all of a sudden it was just like, we realized all of these people are just opportunities seekers, not serious, just looking for an easy way to make money.

So we realized really quickly we weren't even recruiting the right people.

So when we found attraction marketing, it was the pivoting point of our business that actually taught us skillsets.

At the beginning of all this, when we went to our upline and told them, "okay, we're doing everything that you're telling us to do but we're not getting results."

And their answer always was... well, go and talk to more people. Go and find the right people.

And I'm like, but where are those people?  Where do I find them? 

And they'd say just find them? They'll identify themselves.

And I was just like, okay... So that's what we did... 

And then we realized at that point that we can keep doing that over and over and over again.

So I remember thinking this is like the definition of insanity right? Doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting a different result.

And that's when we realized we really needed to take a look at how we were going to build our business and attraction marketing is what changed that for us.

So we started to get very intentional with our skill sets and how we were going to go about that. 

So what do you feel like in your guys' experience now that you've done this for quite awhile and had some serious success... what do you feel is the biggest struggle of network marketers right now? 

So for a lot of of marketers... and over the last three years I've done so many one-on-one zoom calls with people and talked to so many different network marketers.

And this is industry wide. It doesn't matter what company they are with. There was a common denominator among all network marketers that was prominent with everybody that I talked to.

And that was, I'm doing everything my upline was telling me to do, but I need to find more people. I'm out of my warm market, I'm done with it. 

It was always, the "how" do I find more people...  so now.... really what we've been able to focus on is the "how" piece of that.

Just like when we went to our upline and said, "Hey, how do I find more people and where do I find them?"

They didn't have an answer for me.

Now, I know specifically where to go and how to show other network marketers where to go and find these people instead of what most network marketers learn... is that you go to friends and family, and then you just keep going back through those people.

That's where you're going to find them....And then go to your cashier at Walmart, your waitress, your waiter, you name it....

There's actually a skill set of just saying, "Hey, go to where the people are."

There's actually a skill set of how you get the right content in front of the right people...

And it's actually how to get very targeted about who it is that you're looking for...

Which,  if you'll take a look at it, nobody's being taught the "how" piece of this. Nobody in network marketing. 

It's all a lot of what's "here's what to do." But it's not "how" to do it.

And we wanted to shift that and we really wanted to focus on something very specific which is the "how" piece of that.

And so that is what we see in network marketing.....And is probably the number one reason network marketers fail.... because they just don't know how to build an audience of people that they have influence over.

So now that you've figured out the biggest problem people have, you guys have developed a course, right? And it's called Social Media Enroller, right?

What is social media enroller all about?

Social Media Enroller actually came about when we were having a conversation with our mentors. Brandy's and Whit's and my mentors, the people that have taught us everything about recruiting online, building influence, all of that.

And we were having a talk very similar to this and they're like, what do you think is the biggest thing that network marketers struggle with?

And it was knowing how to find people....

But not just how to find people but how to find targeted people like Whit was talking about....

And then how to build, "know, like, and trust" with them so that you have influence. 

Because without influence, without "know, like, and trust," it's impossible to recruit people.

Just like when we were cold market prospecting and we had taken our cold market prospecting and we had moved it online and we were messaging thousands of people... We could get people to take a look.... but we couldn't get anybody to sign up.

And that's what's happening with a lot of network marketers right now... is they're sending spammy messages. We like to call them "spammy Tammy."

They're spamming all of their company products and all of their "come work with me" posts that they have going on...

And the problem is they don't have influence.

And so these people that they are prospecting... they're ignoring them, they're blocking them and they're unfriending them on social media. And it sucks.... like that "sting" of seeing that you can no longer reply to this conversation on Facebook. It hurts, right?

I was totally there when I was that spammy Tammy sending everyone messages.

Social Media Enroller is how to change the conversation.

Yeah, actually how to do things opposite of what you're being taught...

Which is, if you take a look at the process of the network marketer, it's promote first, right?

Once you promote and you get somebody in the comments to engage with you and then you know that's going to grow your audience. Right? But we're going to flip that switch where really what we want to focus on is the growth piece.

You first have got to grow that influence...

Because if you're growing an audience on a daily basis with people that are actually looking for what it is that you have to offer, engagement is going to start to happen naturally and promotion is going to start to happen naturally.

So if we focus on the one reason that everybody's stuck in one spot, we can get the other pieces moving effectively because now they're not worried about where's the next conversation coming from?

We were growing an audience every day. They see it growing, they see things happening. Now it's just a matter of getting better at the other pieces after that. Now they can eliminate the "where do I find more people." Again, back to the number one problem. 

That's really what happened. 

How can Social Media Enroller help with the biggest struggle of network marketers, which is not enough people to talk to or you know, if we want to break it down, not enough of the targeted right people to talk to. So how does that help them?

Yeah, so we're actually doing what we what we just talked about. We're showing you how to find your targeted people on social media, how to connect with those people and how to build, "know, like, and trust" so that you have that influence.

So that when it comes time to promote, it's not a matter of "if" you're going to have people join you, it's a matter of how many and how fast.

Because once you have influence, if you think of top earners, you know it's the story that's never told from stage. The people that went from zero to top, you know, the top rank in six months to a year. They talk about, "Oh I got all these people in a room and you know, 50 people in a room and 40 signed up, everybody enrolled."

There's a reason that happened.... It's because they had spent time building influence over their network before.

So really the question is how come they don't teach you the "how" piece of how to do it. And it's because they have no idea how to teach you that.... literally they don't have any skill sets to teach you... 

They don't even know how to teach you to do that because they naturally did it. Whether they own multiple businesses before or they just had a natural ability to build influence and they built a lot of tight connections.

For the 95% of network marketers. That's not what they have.

The thing is they're able to identify it. They're able to say, "yes, I know how I built influence," but they don't know how to repeat it and they don't know how to duplicate it.

So how is this training different from others? Because I know there's a lot of people out there that have bought courses before or you know, tried this or tried that... And you kind of identified it a little bit earlier, but what is different between this course and some of the others?

A lot of courses that are out there right now. they're done based off of concept. It's conceptual based off of, you know, someone who's maybe not in the field, someone who was in the field a long time ago and now they're just trying to teach you what they did back then.

The difference is what we're teaching you inside this course is actually what we're teaching our team right now.

This is a process that we've watched duplicate over the last, you know, 90 days that we just started to implement and all of our team is doing this.... and our team is growing super quickly because of a lot of the stuff that we're going to teach inside of this.

And what's really cool is a lot of the people that have been using the strategies inside of Social Media Enroller, the people that were kind of our Guinea pigs that were going through this whole process with us..

There was one lady, she ranked advance four times in a week.

Another girl that rank advanced three times in 17 days.

There's been people that have never been able to recruit anyone.

We had one girl, she had never recruited anyone. She's brand new to network marketing. She recruited her very first person in seven days and that person was cold market. She had never met this woman before.

So what we're teaching you, we know it works and it's not just working for the top earners, it's working for people that are just getting started. People who are trying to change the conversation.

If you were a spammy Tammy before and maybe you're a spammy Tammy now,  we can actually help you get results. We can actually help you retrain your audience so that you can grow that "know, like and trust" factor.

And we're being super honest here, a lot of courses may tell you "that in the next 90 days or whatever... here's what's going to happen." We're not going to make any open-ended promises like, "okay, seven days later, this is what's going to happen."

Yes it happened for this person, but let's have the serious conversation. The reality, the realistic expectations that you can expect is growing an audience, that is probably your biggest asset that you're going to have.

And we're going to focus on the "how" piece of that, what that looks like in different cases. What we do inside of our business. Okay? Not just one, but multiple ways that we grow that...

And we want to set realistic expectations for people that this isn't going to be an overnight success.

This is where we're going to really test that. Who is the real entrepreneur in network marketing?

Because sadly enough, we get a lot of opportunity seekers. And to be honest with you, I don't want to work with opportunity seekers.

The reason being is because they easily run out of steam. When it gets hard, they give up. And when you're building an audience of influence, that's going to take time.

Now the timeframe is up to you. How well are you at developing the skill sets? How well are you are getting consistency, all of that stuff.

But if you can focus on those skill sets and you learn how to grow, you will all of a sudden start to see... you'll start to notice the small wins before you start focusing on, I need sales, right?

We're all in network marketing and we need sales to grow our business. But what about the little things that need to happen for you to get the sale? 

This is where the course is going to be different because it's all going to be focused on the "how" type stuff. Not just go and do that. But the "how" piece of this, which is, let's go back to the number one problem. Let's focus on that first because if we don't solve the problem, all the other problems don't matter. We can sit here and focus on the other problems, but we still don't have anybody to talk to.

It's true. It's totally true. Totally true.

So with Social Media Enroller, there's something that you guys are doing that super special, you're giving part of the profits, to someone else. Can you touch on that piece for me?

Yes. So you know, it's a time of year when, with Black Friday coming up, what do you think of right?

Deals, sales, shopping, crazy people at Walmart. What's really cool about what we're doing with attraction is we're actually flipping it a little bit where it's how can we actually elevate people's businesses?

And while we elevate people's businesses and we elevate the industry. How can we make an impact and elevate the world as well?

And so we actually have a charity that we are partnered with called Heifer International. And what Heifer's really good at doing is they go into third world countries and they actually teach people skillsets to be self sustainable. 

And so what's really cool is that not only are you going to be getting the training to help you become an influencer on social media  so that it's easier to recruit people so your business will grow...  

Not only that, but you're also going to be making an impact in the world at a time of year when there's people out there who need it the most.

All right, super cool. So let's talk about who this training is for and who it's not for...

It's not for opportunity seekers. If you're hoping to just come into a get rich quick scheme and if that's what you're looking for, chances are this isn't for you... because you're not a real entrepreneur. Right?

And we don't want, like Whit said, we're not gonna make any open-ended promises that anybody's gonna make any type of money quickly.

There are people that have been focusing on developing their skill sets and they have made money and they have gotten results quick, but we're not going to promise that. 

Also if you're in network marketing, you have a home based business and you're an entrepreneur who is looking to attract people to you online. You're looking to grow influence on social media....That's who this course is for...

And you're going to be able to get results in whatever business, no matter what company or product you promote, you're going to be able to get results with it.

And really, if your toes are just in the water, this isn't for you as well. Like this isn't something to come in and just, I'm going to dip my toe, see how it kind of goes. I'm going to be kind of consistent. I'm going to kind of do this and kind of do that. You know, don't waste your money.... To be honest with you, don't waste your time and don't waste your money.

I love that. This is one thing I love about Whit and Cari,  is that you guys are just like no smoke, blown up your dress... like this is how it is...  because you know... there's a lot of people out there that are, "Oh yeah, buy my stuff, buy my stuff," even if it's not for you.

Well it creates a bad name, you know, and it drags all the people that are seriously trying to build something and make it really work. It actually drags them down as a whole because usually the people that want to just keep their toes in the water and just kind of, yeah, I'm going to do very little but I expect the world... even though I'm doing very, very little. It creates a bad name because they're usually the ones that go and create a bad name for the industry. Yup. I don't have time for that shit. 

You know, we're here to make an impact, not only in the network marketing world, but also with what we're doing with Heifer International... to impact the world in a way to build self-sustaining individuals that have skills so that they can take care of themselves and they can pass it on for generations and not only generations for them, but also generations in the network marketing world.

So that is the type of person we want... the serious one's not the not serious ones. We don't want the toe dippers. Okay. If you're going to go in and throw your clothes off and jump on in... then this is for you... all in or nothing.

Just go all in. Right?  So last question is how much is this course?

Okay? So this is important. The course is $97, but it's only $97 until black Friday. Once black Friday comes the price goes up. So you're going to want to make sure that when you click the link that Brandy has for you guys, you go over and you immediately check out because we don't want you to have to pay more for this course than you have to. 

Okay. Awesome. Well, I'm going to drop the link. So you guys if you want Social Media Enroller, Here is the link and you can go over there and get more information on how to grab it.

And you know, like always, if you have any questions, reach out, let us know and we'll get you pointed in the right way.

So, Cari and Whit, I am so grateful that you wanted to do this with me. Thank you so much.

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