August 16

The Seven Things To Look For When Choosing A Network Marketing Company To Work With

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The Seven Things To Look For When Choosing A Network Marketing Company To Work With 2

The Seven Things To Look For When Choosing A Network Marketing Company To Work With

Hey and welcome to today's episode.

We are chatting about the seven things to look for when you are choosing a network marketing company to work with.

My name is Brandy Shaver and what I do is help entrepreneurs, business owners, people that build teams and move products. I teach them how to do that all online with social media and doing it where it's fun.

So today I want to talk about something that is important because I think sometimes we get involved in our companies and we were educated to understand what kind of company plan there is and all the details, right? And when you're in a position that you are ready to change companies, or maybe, the fire's kind of gone away or they've changed something and you don't like the company plan anymore. Whatever the reason, network marketers change companies here and there.

And it's no big deal. I want you to know what to look for because in my experience, I'm going to give you my non-negotiables so that you are able to measure that up with the company to make sure that you are in the right place at the right time.

Number one

 This is interesting because I used to not worry about the corporate or the leadership, because I was always very competent on my own. I had leadership skills and could run a team.

However, in this last year I have been more appreciative of a corporate team where they are in lock step with the field. And what I mean by that is they have integrity. They have enough backing to keep the company going and they care about other people. And so you've got to know kind of know what's what, and you've got to get a feel for the people that own the company. Not just corporate, but the people that own the company.

The other part of that is having a leadership team is that your upline is willing to work with you. A team who is willing to mentor you, willing to work together as a team and really willing to grow and learn on social media.

Number two

The products have to be relevant. They've got to be backed by science and they've got to be priced. So if you're in health and wellness and you've got an immunity product, It's a great time right now while it's a great time really to build your immunity. But you want a product that's not a fad.

You want a product that's going to stick around. And if you're in a travel company or something like that just make sure that it's something that you are excited about. Because products have to be really, really good for you to be excited about them so you can sell them or move them.

Number three

Systems that duplicate, and I would add here that systems that duplicate online, because here's the thing you might build traditionally. And that's okay. It works, it still works to make a list of a hundred and go through that list and continue to drive. I know I can trust behavior throughout your team members and get with their lists and then do that whole thing again. However one of the main things that's missing for most network marketers is an audience.

So you want to make sure that you have a system that duplicates on social media. The reason I say that is because if you don't either go figure it out and learn how to do it and build it for you and your team, they will go learn it from someone else. Then there's a very high likelihood that they are going to leave your team and go work with the people that teach them social media, because that's what I see happen all the time.

So you want a system that duplicates and that teaches people how to build online that anyone can do and get success quickly. You want that belief level for people when they first get in.

Number four 

The company plan has to pay extremely well with no gotchas. What I found in the past, in my network marketing career, is that there's a lot of companies where you have to jump through the blue hoop, the green hoop and the yellow hoop all to get paid.

So some of that is necessary to run a company, but you want to minimize the breakaways. So anybody can make money, even the new guy.

Number five 

This one is super, super important to me, at least it's one of my main negotiables. Timing has to be spot on, not too early where it's very unstable and not too late, where everybody already knows about it. The kind of the guide I go on is that the company's been around for at least five years and has potential to grow in a lot of markets.

Number six

Stability with a long-term growth plan. This means that they're not just going to stick in one country, but they actually plan on growing this network marketing company into other markets, which is where you can build insignificant income. If you learn how to navigate social media and grow in certain countries and that kind of thing.

Number seven

You have to think about all the things. The main thing is you need to trust your gut! You might end up in a company where you don't finish your career, but you end up in a different company finishing your career, or end up in a company where you start over or whatever, trust your gut, because the timing is right in your gut. You'll know.

Sometimes you need to do a little stint in one company to learn and grow from certain people and then move to a new company to do your last rodeo or be a top distributor. 

So trust your gut. You are going to be unsure about joining something new because maybe in the past you haven't had success. You'll know in your heart, if it's the right fit.

So if you got value out of today, go ahead and let me know.

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Brandy is a wife, mother of six, and a lead generation expert, as well as a network marketer. Her passion is helping others realize the power of building their business using the Internet, coaching others to believe in themselves, and to fight for their dreams.

Brandy Sher Shaver

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