November 15

TOP Facebook Tips To Help You Get Results In Your Business

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TOP Facebook Tips To Help You Get Results In Your Business 2

TOP Facebook Tips To Help You Get Results In Your Business

Hey, welcome to today's episode.

I am so excited for today's episode because there are some top tips that you should be using on Facebook to really get results in your business. And I want to share them with you because they're amazing.

My name is Brandy Shaver and what I do is help business owners, entrepreneurs use social media to build a business that makes them money, builds them teams and gets them customers. So today I want to talk about a few things happening on Facebook that will really help you to grow your influence and grow your list.

1. Give love to others 

You want to make sure that you are liking, commenting and loving on other people's stuff. You have to give love to get love. That's how social media works. Okay. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see happening on social media, we post and we're all about what we want, right? But we're not paying attention to everyone else around us.. Let's be honest, it is a relationship. It's a relationship between two people. And if you're not building the relationship on that side, first with them liking, commenting, and loving on their stuff, then they are not seeing your stuff. Okay.

2. Grow your audience 

Add five new people a day to grow your influence. Growing your audience is super important, right? You don't want to run the same movie in front of the same people over and over and over and over again. So you want to be growing your list. Now, remember you don't want to just go down the suggested friends list and add, add, add, add, add, add, add. In fact, if you do that, it's going to be way more work than if you do a little bit of research.

Stick with adding five per week, You don't want to add a ton of friends at once because they don't know you yet. And they're not going to comment on your stuff until you comment, like, and love on their stuff. So you don't want to hurt the visibility of what you're posting. So make sure it's a slow add and you're getting to know these people and loving on their posts so that they're seeing what you're doing.

There isn't really a set amount of time to spend before posting, but really what happens is it's kind of like, they want you to stay on Facebook. So just spend at least a good 10 to 30 minutes before you post, commenting, liking, and loving other people's stuff. So that, especially for people that you want to maybe work with, or they're really grateful as a customer.

Another thing with adding new friends is make sure that they are in a place where you can actually enroll them, right? Not all companies are open in all countries. So make sure that they are in a country you can work in, and you can actually recruit them. Make sure they're actually somebody you want to work with and avoid the weirdos. Just because I've had that experience, okay? Just avoid people that you wouldn't want to normally work with in real life cases. It’s the same thing online.

3. Don't post too much 

Don’t post more than once a day. What Facebook wants you to do is they want you to do more stories and less posting. You still want to post and you still want to be interactive with other people's posts, but get into stories. So most of the time I would definitely stick with once a day and you'll notice like other people that have bigger followings, they can post more. Right. But it's because there are people who are loyal and people interact with their posts, no matter what, because they built the following.

4. Don't post to close together

 Spread out your posts. You don't want to post and then post again an hour later because your posts are going to fight with each other. So don't do that. Make sure that you are posting and then giving it enough time and kind of milking that post. Like if somebody comments on the post you want to go in and comment back on the post, right? You want to use the algorithm the way that it's designed. It's not just about posting as much as you can.

So Facebook stories. I mentioned that a little bit ago, now Facebook stories are different from posting on your feed and are like the back end of what you're doing. Okay. So for instance, when I am live, I could take a screen shot and later post a story saying new live on my page, check it out. People want to see the backend, they want to see what's happening in your life. Now posts on Facebook, like actual posts. You want those to be more meaningful and more meat in them. Stories are the backend. And you never want to post the same thing on your profile as you do in your stories all the time, every day. Okay? Like that's not going to work. Now once in a while, if you want to share a post into your stories so that people can go check it out that's okay.

5.Leave the CTA to the comments

The next tip is to actually never leave a link in your posts. Okay. So unless it's a paid ad. You want to put your links in the comments. You don't want the links to be in the description. Always leave links in the comments and tell people in the video or in the post of the description that the link for you is in the comments down below.

6. Unclutter your feed

Unclutter your feed by staying friends with the people you like, but you don't care to see their posts. That means drop the people that you don't want to be seen and follow those you do. Make anyone you absolutely love seeing their content a close friend, you get up to 30. Those you click on as close friends will be the ones you get an instant notification every time they post. So if you want to clean up your feed, right, you want to just put close friends and see first. And then that will post all that stuff in your feed first.

7. Utilize the friends list

 Now I personally like to use lists. This is a great way to do that as well is you can create lists of people, right? So in my lists, inside of Facebook, you can create lists and you can add people to the list. So I have one, that's like my friends, I have one, that's like my family. I have one, that's my team members. I have one, that's my coaching clients. And I click on that list and it pulls up everything that they've posted. And so I can go in quickly and interact with those people, right?

8. Set up your profile for success

You will want to have a very clear, well done profile picture and cover photo, your profile picture. Especially if you have different social media platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook. It should be the same picture so that people recognize you, no matter what platform you're on. Your cover photo, you want it to be a part of who you are and make sure that it's clear and professional. So it's kind of like a business card, right? Your online business card. And it's the first thing people see when they go to your Facebook page. So it's the first impression. And it's definitely important, right? If you have a new potential team member or a new potential customer that's checking you out, they are going to go to your Facebook profile. You know this because you do it too. Right?

9.Be Authentic

Be consistent. Be positive, be authentic, be vulnerable. Be funny. I know I have friends that are like “Brandy, you need to be more funny”. I'm really not that funny. Be insightful, don't always just share quotes, share the insight of why, why you like that quote. This one is super important and I've actually fallen into this when I was brand new. I didn't know how to make content.. I didn't know how to be authentic. I didn't know how to do any of this stuff. And I was like, well, how come I have to, you know, go and make all this content myself when I can just copy and paste other people's content? Well, here's the key. Not only will you tick off the person, you steal that from because it's very, very rude. I've done it and been totally busted doing it. So don't do it. It comes off as kind of like you're lazy, which I totally was being lazy, but Facebook knows that it's already been posted. So don't take a quote and just post it. Maybe write it out or talk about what it means to you. But always give credit to the author of where, where you got it.

So just remember that building business on social media, it's still about building relationships. Okay. It is still about building relationships, not about being popular. It's about creating connections and relationships. And it's about listening to your audience. And it's about building that trust. Okay. And growing your audience, engaging with that audience and promoting to the audience. And just remember when you show your authenticity, you create your own voice and you really become authentic to people. And it's important to realize that Facebook is just the bridge. You still need to build those real conversations. And you do those real conversations either by getting on a zoom with someone or getting the messenger and messaging people, voice messaging or texting.

The one thing that really is hard for a lot of people to understand about social media is you still have to ask, right? You've got to ask people to take a look at your product, ask to look at your business. You've got to ask, or people are never going to enroll. And this was something I fell into as well. I thought if I create all this incredible content, right? I create all this cool stuff and people are going to come to me, which does happen every now and again. Right. Where you get somebody that's like, wow, I've been watching you for a long time. I'd really like to work with you, but I can tell you those top notch people that you want in your team, if you go to them and you say, look, I really want to work with you. I want to jump on a zoom and talk about what that might look like. People really appreciate you being honest and upfront. Now you can't do this with strangers, right? Like you can't send some stranger a message and be like, look, I really want to work with you. No, their relationship comes first. You've got to build the relationship first before you ask but make sure you're asking.

If you're doing this right, it's a lot of fun. You'll meet a lot of friends and your business will be successful. So I'm going to drop a link down below where you can get more info on how you can build your business using social media.

Talk soon.

XO- Brandy


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