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Using Organic Reach vs Paid Reach on Social Media to Build your Business

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Using Organic Reach vs Paid Reach on Social Media to Build your Business

Using Organic Reach vs Paid Reach on Social Media to Build your Business

Welcome to todays video, I'm super excited that you are here.

We are talking about organic reach vs paid reach, building your business on social media.

So if that's something that you are curious about, stick around!

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So we're talking about organic reach vs paid reach, and I would love to know what you know about organic.

1. What Does Organic Mean? 

So organic reach on social media. Obviously paid reach is paid reach, right? You're going to pay to get that post to move farther, right? That's what paid reach is, but what is organic?

I'm super excited about this topic because there is a lot of controversy between using organic and paid and which one is the right one, right?

Well, let's talk about that!

Organic reach for those of you that know is something that organically happens. So it goes by itself, right?

If you have great content, you have great conversation. If you have a following of people, if you put out great content and you have a following of people, your organic reach will be bigger.

So organic reach, there are some really great things about it. Number one is that it's organic and that means people love you, right?

That means people are jumping in. That means people are commenting, liking, and loving your stuff. It also means that you might be doing a lot of manual labor! Organic reach takes a little bit of effort.

2. What Does Paid Mean

Now paid reach, let's talk about paid reach. Now, obviously it means that you're going to pay for people to see the posts. 

And if you haven't looked at your insights inside of your social media, you can actually see who's seeing your stuff organically and paid.

So paid reach, this is one of the secret tips that I wanted to share with you.

If you have a post that does really, really well organically, and you posted it intentionally for a certain purpose, right? There's different ways to build your business, and there's a lot of things that you want to be doing on social media to build your business, like grow, engage, and promote, and we're not going to get into those specifics.

But if you have an intention, let's say, to grow your audience and you posted something that got a lot of organic reach outside of the following you already have, you may want to put some paid reach behind it because you have proven already that people love it. 

So that's really cool, something you can use that's organic and one of those hacks that you can use, if you have a post that's organic, you can put some dollars behind it and get it farther.

3. Paid vs Organic 

So paid. What is paid regionally? Organic is trying to appeal to people with only your content. That means, like I said, that the stuff you put out, it better be good. 

And it's gotta be helpful. It's gotta be intentional. It's gotta be educational, entertaining, right?

Some things inside of there that we've talked about. If you need more info on some of that stuff, you can go back and watch some of the free videos that I have here on my page.

And you can see what some of that stuff would happen.

So organic reach, like I said, is a lot more manual labor.

4. What Will Work For You?

And it's not right or wrong, again, there's no right or wrong.

A lot of people will say, you know, it's better to grow your page organically. It's better to grow your page paid. I don't agree. I think you do what works

And I actually love a mixture of both and I'm going to tell you how come, here in a second. Paid reach is really, really cool. Okay.

And I actually learned how to do paid reach before I learned how to do organic reach and paid reach means that you are putting ad dollars down inside your social media.

And you're paying that social media platform to put that post, whatever it might be, growing, engaging, and promoting in front of the right people.

Now there's a few things that I want to share with you here that is really, really Ninja hacks!!

Number one, when you do that, you are targeting a specific person.

Now think about organic reach. Let's say you're in health and wellness company. You can go inside a health and wellness group and share some really great tips and build authority and influence that way.

However, that's going to take a lot of your time. You're going to have to get pretty consistent doing that and pretty consistent inside of that group for people to start to understand who you are and some groups don't like it when you promote yourself.

So like I couldn't say inside of a networking group, for instance "Hey, go follow me on Brandy Sher Shaver" Right. I couldn't say that! That would not be kosher inside of someone else's group. 

So you want to make sure you're following the rules.

So organic, it's awesome and you can build some influence there and serve some people, that takes a little bit more time.

5. Specific Targeting

Paid on the other hand, you pay that social media platform and they laser target exactly who you're looking for, that group of people. 

And I'm sure many of you here have seen when you're scrolling through your feed or your stories even, and some ads pop up on stories on messenger or Instagram or whatever else, those are specifically targeted to you because of your interest inside of social media.

So if you're seeing ads that you don't love, what I want you to do, if they're not pertaining to you and your industry, don't just be a not nice person and say, 'hide this ad' because you don't want to see the ads. 

You want to train the social media platforms to actually show you what you're interested in.

So if you're seeing ads for diapers for instance you're not in that area of your life where you're using diapers on your children, then hit the button on the top. Why am I seeing this ad?

And you can train the social media to show you what you're looking for.

Now I know some of you, when you go into search for certain things online, you might be inside of Google or wherever you go searching out certain things, and then all of a sudden you're getting these ads inside of Instagram or inside of Facebook.

Well guess what, those people are targeting you because of your behaviors.

And that's what's really cool about paid reach, you can pay the social media platforms to target those exact people that are looking for your exact thing. It's the coolest thing ever!!! 

6. Which is More Profitable?

So which one do you want to be using to stay in profit? Can you guess which one that is? Because organic is not going to put money in your bank account. It's just not, it's just not how it works.

Paid on the other hand, you can actually make profits on the prospecting efforts that you're using.

So that's what I love about using paid reach inside of social media is that they laser target, I can target exactly who I'm looking for, age group, where they live. You can even target your exact city.

So if you're building your team and you want to let everybody know that's what you're doing, or you're looking for a certain kind of person, you can laser target that person inside of that state or inside of that city. It's really, really cool.

And I just had a conversation with a gentleman last week about how he wants to build his insurance business, but he's only licensed in Minnesota.

So he could actually do paid advertising or paid reach inside of Minnesota and bring all kinds of customers that are looking for what he has. It's really, really cool.

I wanted to share with you the differences and the pros and cons. I do both now. I have organic and I also have paid. I love paid because for instance, my husband's been off the last couple of days and we've kind of just not done a lot of work.

I've made income inside of my business because of that paid reach that continues to do what it needs to do. I don't have to physically be finding those people, messaging those people, they're coming to me because I can laser target them.

If you have any questions, let me know, if you guys got value, go ahead and smash the heart button would love for you to pass this along to anyone that needs this information. So have a great rest of your day and we'll talk to you soon. Brandy xx


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